A Disney vacation?

My fondest memories of childhood have to be taking trips to Disneyworld with my family every summer. I looked forward to it ALL year every year. We were very lucky (and abnormal) though, because the only reason we got to go, or could afford to go every year, was because my Dad worked (still works there) for NASA and they would transfer him down to JFK every summer and gave us a condo on the beach and we were driving distance from all the parks.

If it weren’t for that, I don’t know that we’d have been fortunate enough to visit so often. I was definitely a lucky little kid!

As a parent myself now, I would SO love to give my kids the same opportunities that I had.. but things just didn’t work out that way. It’s not every day you become an Aerospace Engineer working for NASA, and just so happen to get a position where they travel you around the world on their dime. That’s rare.

Back when I used to work a desk job, I can remember some other Moms talking about taking trips to Disney.. and with how much we made?? No way in hell was that affordable so I asked how in the world they were making that happen. Savings? Penny pinching? Tax return?

Nope. Disney apparently has a program where you can sign up for dates months or maybe even years in advance and pay whatever amount you want each month. As long as it’s paid off before your scheduled dates, your Disney vacation is set. And a lot of the packages, from what I hear, are mostly inclusive. Hotel stay, some meals, and park passes.

Holden, without any nudging from me, has been BEGGING to go to Disney. Of course he has NO concept of how far away it is, and no idea about money.. so he doesn’t understand that it’s really not a possibility any time soon. It was only a matter of time before he started begging to go, what with his intense Cars and anything Pixar obsession.

His constant asking to go has prompted me to really think about taking the boys. Why haven’t I looked into the packages? I fear that if I do, i’ll want to go SO badly that i’ll HAVE to make it happen. And that puts a lot of weight on MY shoulders as far as making money blogging and through surveys because there’s no way we can afford more money out of Thomas’ paycheck.
I also fear the prices will be so astronomical, that even if I managed to pay $75 a month for 2 years, it wouldn’t be enough to fully pay off the trip. And $75 is a lot for me to guarantee.. blogging and surveys have bad months!

It’s not just the package to worry about paying for, it’s gas if we drive or airfare if we fly. So even if the Disney package for a 4 day 5 night stay is only (and i’m being conservative here) $700, how much will gas prices be in 2 years? I shudder to think.

Anyone out there had experiences with Disney Packages?

The funny thing is that we live less than 30 minutes from Busch Gardens Europe, and could easily get seasons passes and go there EVERY day… but anyone who’s been to Disneyworld knows there is NOTHING like Disneyworld (not even DisneyLand.. good lord that place sucks. And sucks even harder that THEY are getting ‘Cars land’ and not DW)

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