The curse! It lives!

Last night when I went to bed and tried to fall asleep, I couldn’t. I’ve been having trouble sleeping for about the past week but I just haven’t been able to figure out why- but at least for the past week i’ve been able to at least get a few hours. Last night I got zero. No matter what I did, I was still wide awake.. lying there.. getting pissed. I’ve been so exhausted from the lack of sleep already it’s ALL I wanted to do, and couldn’t make it happen.

At about 3am, I heard what I can only describe as a hacking sound coming from Holden’s room, followed by crying. Per usual, Thomas got up to check on him.. Holden’s been having trouble sleeping too, but a minute later he came out of the room with Holden and mumbled something about puke- so I drug myself out of bed as well.

Holden had puked all over himself and the bed. He claimed to have “choked on broccoli” which made not a hell of a lot of sense to me, but whatever. I was too tired to argue.

We changed his sheets and clothes, got him back to bed, and not an hour later, same noise, same crying. More puke.
It was very clear to me at that point that Holden had the stomach flu. Just in time for my birthday!

He was up and down for the rest of the evening, no one but Parker got sleep.. i’m surprised he slept through it all actually. It was not a quiet ordeal.

By the morning, we were all already exhausted- but no one more than Holden. White as a sheet and miserable. No temperature, but you could tell just by looking at him that he felt like death.

To top it all off- my period started. Puking, shitting, bleeding.. and Parker whining and screaming all day for no reason.
As I texted my friend to tell her of the bullshittery going on, her only response was “it sounds like you’re cursed!”
MY SENTIMENTS EXACTLY!! See, i’m not delusional, i’m a friggin’ psychic!

The WHOLE day went that way, to no avail. Even putting Holden down for a nap and him sleeping for nearly 3 hours didn’t stop him from puking. He woke up, crying and heaving yet again.

It’s just unreal. And the whole time i’m trying to keep the germs from getting into Parker’s system AND my system.. because if it gets Parker he’ll probably have to be hospitalized. He can’t afford to be sick like Holden. For me? It’d make for 2 ruined birthdays in a row. Puking for 20 hrs straight like Holden did today would definitely ruin it.
Just as I predicted- SOMETHING would go wrong. It’s just my luck!

I’ve never been so happy to get the kids into bed.. but it wasn’t without more drama. I think my couch is ruined from watery vomit being sprayed all over it. And now my laptop cannot detect an operating system. I’m so angry.. and i’m honestly expecting it to get worse now. I would not at all be surprised if at 3am I woke up vomiting uncontrollably and have to cancel all of my birthday plans.

Maybe i’m throwing a pity party here, but it’s my party and i’ll cry if I want to! I can’t believe that yet AGAIN, my birthday is a recipe for disaster. I should NEVER have another birthday again. My birthday should be banned. It does nothing but cause sickness and miserableness.

ETA: another thing to add to the curse- my laptop is dead. Right now it’s lost everything, including the operating system. Gone. I have my book saved elsewhere, but not the last 30 pages.. and that was the HARDEST 30 pages i’ve written yet. FML!

I’m opting out of a birthday next year. It doesn’t exist anymore y’all. Just forget the day I was born, wipe January 30th out of your memory, it’s not a day anymore! I am boycotting!

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