Bye bye baby food?

If I never had to see another jar of baby food for my entire life, I would be the HAPPIEST person on earth!

I. hate. baby food.

To have a (almost)16 month old still eating mushy stinky, runny, disgusting pureed slop from a jar is very very frustrating.

Every week our occupational therapist comes over and makes sure to mention that we should be weaning Parker off of baby food. While I agree, with Parker still hating table food it’s a hard thing to do. For him and for us.
For a year all we’ve been concerned about is his food intake and his weight. Thinking about taking him off of baby food when he won’t even touch most table foods freaks me out.

If he isn’t eating baby food.. and isn’t eating table food.. then what WILL he be eating? He’ll live off of milk, french fries, tomatoes and crackers. That doesn’t seem like a healthy diet.

We’ve now been through a few weeks of in-home therapy, and while Parker LOVES the therapist, we haven’t really made any headway in him either touching or eating any new foods. His aversion is so ridiculous that he brushed his hand against a piece of chicken last week and when he smelled it, he heaved. Multiple times.

I hate to be pessimistic, but I don’t think he’ll be on a diet of strictly table food any time soon. Maybe once he realizes that things that smell and taste like dog food and get pureed and shoved into a jar SUCK and have turned his skin orange.. and that real people food is awesome and tasty, but that level of comprehension is a while away.

He does have his strange adventorous food moments though.. and it’s almost always with Chinese food. The kid loves spring rolls. Can’t get enough. He even went as far tonight as to eat pudding (gasp!)
This morning? He drank orange juice (double gasp!)
These two things may seem tiny to you, but they are GIANT leaps for him. That’s not to say that tomorrow he won’t go back to dry heaving at chicken, but a mommy can dream.

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