Blue Screen

It appears my computer is down for the night. Grrrrrrr.
We bought an external hard drive because all of my pictures were eating my laptop alive, and every time we attempted to transfer those files onto the drive, it blue screened. EVERY TIME.
Mr. Genius “I know everything about computers” Thomas can’t seem to fix it.. and now he’s running a scan disk that he claims will be “done soon”, but it’s been at 14% for an hour now.

I’d write the full blog here, in the dark, in the dining room.. but i’ll be damned if i’m going to miss The Office!

I swear if that POS eats my book i’m going to suffocate Thomas in his sleep. The stupid external was his idea in the first place.
Word to the wise: NEVER EVER buy a computer with windows VISTA on it. That crap is the worst WORST system ever created. stupid stupid vista.

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