A birthday curse?

My birthday is this weekend, and while I cringe at my age and inching another year closer to the big dreaded 3-0, that’s not really my main concern right now.

Per usual, I am very superstitious, and it would appear that my birthday is CURSED. After last year’s disastrous chain of events, i’d prefer to skip my birthday altogether. If I could just go to bed Saturday and wake up Monday, that’d be fantastic.

Just to remind those who may not remember, let’s go through my previous birthday’s events, shall we?

It started off with a snowstorm. Not New England proportions mind you, but for VA even a light dusting makes everyone on the road turn into total morons. They think the world is ending. The highway gets blocked for hours from a gazillion pointless crashes.
This was more than a light dusting, unfortunately, and if I need to remind you- I HATE SNOW! I hate it!! There is nothing I hate more!
Birthday Strike #1

We had scheduled to go out for my birthday dinner.. only to find out my favorite restaurant, along with EVERY other restaurant in the area was closed.
We tried to go out the next night, we called ahead to the restaurant just to be sure this time- they said they were open. Sure enough when we got there though, closed. And since we’d already made my Dad and step mom drive through the “treacherous” roads, we had to quickly pick somewhere else. I wanted Italian, and unfortunately the only place around has to be my least favorite Italian restaurant ever. ugh. Less than mediocre italian food, small portions, high prices.

I’d been noticing that it seemed like neither of the boys were feeling very well, but it wasn’t until we sat down at the table for dinner that I noticed just how red both of them were in the face, and both of them started to cough. They just seemed downright miserable.

That was the start of Parker’s downward spiral into RSV and all the shit that came along with it. Refusal to eat, all kinds of testing, months of waiting, crazy internet stalker-moms, more months of sickness- ALL starting on my birthday.

One would think that this year my birthday can’t get worse than that.. but I know never to say never! It can ALWAYS get worse. I freaking hope not.. I think I deserve one birthday free from snow and sick children, but I certainly won’t be holding my breath.

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