Another exciting round of "what’s that smell??"

Strange smells. Something I have become quite accustomed to, what with my house being occupied by 3 other humans of the male persuasion.. all of whom STINK.

Usually I am the only one who is not immune to the smell, but last night no one could seem to get away from the strange stench wafting around the living room. The first thought, of course, was that it was Thomas and his stinky feet. He pulled his socks off and took a whiff, swore it wasn’t them- and offered me a smell. Uh, no thanks! I will have to take your word for it.

I don’t know quite how to describe the smell. Dead animal? Body odor? Rotten food? Whatever it was, it was offensive.
We looked for the source of the smell EVERYWHERE and just couldn’t seem to find it. We sniffed the kids, the carpet, the chairs the boys sit in to eat. None of them stank.

Finally I stuck my face into one of the toys Parker insists on playing with while he eats and was met with a similar stench to the one wafting through the living room. Ew. It appeared to be crusty old milk, because along with playing with his toys during meal times, Parker also likes to take his sippy and dump it out whenever he gets the opportunity.

Immediately I cleaned the thing vigorously with a wipe, took another whiff, and the smell was gone. Happy times!

Much to our dismay, this morning the smell returned. What the hell? I cleaned the stinky toy!!

Since we already knew from last night that it was old milk that was the offender- we started inspecting other toys. Unfortunately for us, there WAS another culprit, and this time the stink was much worse. Cleaning off the top wasn’t going to cut it. Just by looking at the toy we could tell that somehow Parker had managed to get milk INSIDE of it. The thing needed to be taken apart to be cleaned or the smell was NEVER going to go away.

We had no idea how bad it was though.

Thomas put the thing in the kitchen while I was trying to wash dishes, and while it’s not the worst smell that has ever come across my nose- it was downright unbearable. Just SO strong, and SO sour. I yelled at him that he’d better come and clean that thing out RIGHT THIS SECOND. I think he knows by now not to mess with me when it comes to bad smells. I can’t handle them!

When he finally got the thing apart, I heard a “oh…my…God” uttered from the kitchen area.

There, in the bottom of that toy, was something like a tray with all the electronic parts of the toy. Collected in the bottom was about a half an inch of rotten milk in the consistency of ricotta. It’s like Parker was cultivating a damn cheese farm in there. I knew there were nights that the milk in his sippy had disappeared so fast that he couldn’t have possibly drank it that fast!

Even after a lot of careful cleaning, the smell is still not completely gone. I know i’ll be watching him very carefully from now on.
Honestly, i’d rather go back to finding rogue turds.

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