Wrap it up!

With Christmas less than two weeks away, we are almost done with our shopping.. we have the tree and stockings up- but what we haven’t even started yet is wrapping the presents.

It’s funny- I used to LOVE wrapping presents. Was something I looked forward to.. even though i’ve never really been very good at it. Now? With two kids to wrap for? I dread the task completely. There’s just SO much to wrap.. things in awkward sizes and shapes, and never enough paper to wrap with. We always end up running out and the last present ends up pieced together out of scraps of whatever we have left over.

Compared to the next few years though- it’s easy. Once the kids get older, we’ll have to buy separate specific paper for the presents from Santa or they’ll start to notice something is up. “Why does Santa use the same wrapping paper as you, Mommy?”

We’re so far behind in everything else in this house, that I don’t even know when we’ll find the time to wrap. Due to my odd stomach sickness on Sunday and Thomas having a hurt foot (insert eye roll here), we didn’t do our usual cleaning rituals and this house is a total wreck. That combined with the fact that we haven’t folded and put away clean laundry in weeks and we are totally swamped. Our house looks like a tornado, or twelve hit it. It’s so bad that I don’t even know where to begin in cleaning it all up.. but the last thing I want to see in our Christmas pictures is a huge mess in the background. The only mess that should be in those pictures should be compiled of wrapping paper and toy boxes.

The only sad thing about our Christmas tree right now besides the mess surrounding it is the fact that there are no presents underneath of it.. and not only because I haven’t wrapped any- but because I learned the hard way that we can NOT put presents under the tree until the kids are in bed on Christmas eve.
Last year, I caught Holden unwrapping all the presents under the tree weeks before Christmas. And not just once, multiple times. This year I think he’d be even worse.. just can’t resist. When he sees presents, he wants them IMMEDIATELY. And Parker? I can’t even imagine how bad he’d destroy wrapped presents.

I’m just ready for Christmas morning already. Holden isn’t one that gets excited about things very easily, but i’ve been working on him. I just hope the cleaning and wrapping madness pays off and he comes tearing ass out of his room with a huge grin on his face.
If I could just stop buying him random presents off of Amazon thanks to handy dandy free two day shipping it would make my job a lot easier.

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