What the puke??

Something strange is going on with Parker’s stomach.

Yes, I realize his stomach is ALWAYS strange.. but this is new. Stranger. It’s not the non-eating or the random milk refusal, or the blood curdling scream inducing constipation (which is STILL going on).
Nope. This is something different, yet all too familiar.

Last night during our typical bed time routine, we were all hanging out in the master bedroom- playing on the bed and winding down before getting the kids to sleep.
We’re all sitting there, innocently.. when I hear Thomas make a “AUURRGGGHHHHH!” type of sound. He is covered in chunky baby vomit. As is Parker. Parker looks puzzled as to why Thomas is so angry about being covered in his partially digested stomach contents.

While we’ve each in this house, including Holden, been puked on by Parker NUMEROUS times.. usually it’s formula vomit. And if you didn’t know- formula vomit is not nearly as vile as whole milk vomit. Less chunky, and less smelly.
And the formula vomit usually came with at least SOME kind of warning.. or was followed by screaming from reflux pain. This puke was a silent assassin. If you didn’t SEE it, or FEEL it hit your skin and splash off of you, spraying the bed.. you’d never know it happened in the first place.

We thought the occurrence was strange, since Parker rarely pukes anymore.. and NEVER so far after a meal- but one time isn’t so odd, so we went about our business and didn’t think much of it.

And then this morning rolled along. Parker ate his breakfast fabulously.. and then without warning- BLEH! Puke all over the place. Again, no warning, and another puzzled look from Parker. He is as confused by the situation as me.
I cleaned him up and pulled him out of his chair to get him to drink some more milk since now his stomach was far more empty than I would prefer, meaning less calories,changed his puke covered pants.. and then went on about my morning.

The boys went off to play, and I started my morning workout.
About halfway in, I started noticing a strange smell. I became a tad disgusted with myself. Does my sweat really smell THAT bad? I’ve never noticed it smelling that bad before.. but maybe i’m just sweating a little more than usual, or maybe I need to wash my clothes. I figured it was nothing, so I continued to do crunches and other things- but the smell just kept getting stronger. I know my sweat doesn’t exactly smell like roses, but it definitely never smells as bad as the one offending my nose.
It smelled almost like… sour milk… and.. wait, what is that hint? Vomit!
I look down only to see the shoulder of my tanktop crusted with a white substance. Before you get any ideas, dirty minds, think about what had just went down not even an hour earlier. Baby vomit. GROSS! My stomach turned a little bit. I ripped that shirt off immediately.

Next I went to clean myself up and get dressed, and then it was Parker’s nap time. Yes, he still naps on me- and no, I don’t mind.
As I was holding him.. that all too familiar rancid milk smell came back. Did I not wash myself thoroughly enough? Has the smell STAINED my skin?
Nope. It wasn’t me. It was Parker. He wreaked, and I do mean WREAKED. A horrible disgusting stench. I may have changed his pants, where the vomit hit- but I didn’t change his shirt because I didn’t SEE the puke on it… but as I said earlier- Parker’s vomit is a silent attacker.

All day I couldn’t get away from that damn rancid milk smell. And it didn’t help that Parker puked up his lunch too, with that same confused look plastered on my face.. almost a BLAMING look, like his upchuck was my fault.

I have NO idea why he’s puking so much. Return of reflux? Delayed gastric emptying yet again? Weird stomach bug?
All I know is that if I have to smell that disgusting rotting smell again.. I might just throw up myself and add to the stench wafting through the air.

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