What may be the end of an era

Practically since birth for both kids, they’ve taken showers with me. Holden since about 1 month old, and Parker since as soon as his icky cord stump fell off. So basically, we’re on over 3 years straight for Holden and over 1 year for Parker. That is a LONG time to bathe together, but honestly i’ve never been able to find ANY other convenient time to be able to bathe myself without leaving Thomas to trying to keep BOTH kids from rolling off the bed while trying to lotion and dress them both.. or waking them up with how loud our shower is, and how close our rooms are to the bathroom (with Holden’s wall being connected to the bathroom.. and we know from experience it used to wake him up every single morning).

The sacrifice of a lone shower never bothered me. It is fast and efficient and allows for more family time before bed and less waking children in the night. Do what you gotta do!

Some women are weirded about about showering with a little boy, but Holden never really had many questions about lady parts. There were a few boob gropes and a couple of questions about “is that a pecker? mommy has a pecker!” and that was the end of it. No weirdness whatsoever.
Parker is not at the age to ask questions, and never took much notice of anything going on in the shower other than water smacking him in the face and Holden crawling all over him.. so all has been good thus far..

But the past few nights it’s taken a turn for the weird.

Both kids have taken a liking to smacking me on the butt repeatedly.. which I can handle no problem. A butt is a butt and everyone has one. It’s when Holden started poking at my nether region and staring at it while asking “what IS that mommy?” that I started to feel a little strange about being full on nude around him. I don’t know where the questions came from after 3 years of seeing me naked- but it definitely made for a shocking moment for me.
Tonight it got even stranger- as Parker finally seemed to notice that Mommy does in fact have boobies- and he grabbed for one of them multiple times before I put him down because I just couldn’t handle the strangeness of it all anymore.

I can handle ONE kid with a wandering hand out of curiosity, but two? At once? That may be too much for even the most open parent.

I think it may be time for the boys to start getting baths together, sans parents. How we’ll make that happen? I have no idea. But there’s only so much baby boob groping and ass smacking one mommy can take before curiosity turns into awkward uncomfortable shower time.

Maybe the curiosity will subside, but I imagine it could be just the opposite as well. As Holden gets older, he’s obviously going to have more questions- which in turn is going to influence Parker and his curiosity toward the same things.

We’ll give it a few more nights and see what happens, but if there’s more poking, pinching and smacking of my parts- mommy baby shower time is going to have to come to a very abrupt end. I’ll finally after 3 years get alone shower time.. but i’m sure i’ll have to give up something else in the process.

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