What amazing displays

Guest post written by Jan Newman

Today I was in the heart of the city doing Hearing Aid Comparisons when my husband Michael told me that we really needed to do something enjoyable with our weekend. Even though we are retired, we still like to get out the weekends when everyone else is out and about. It always seems to make things more exciting that way. Michael reminded me that since Christmas is swiftly approaching (like he even needed to!) and that we should go around the city and see all the holiday displays. I agreed that it would be an excellent use of our time, and we decided to check out the displays.

We started in Herald Square, and then we made our way down Fifth Avenue and to the famed Rockefeller Center. It was all really something to behold. Michael and I moved to this city so many years ago, but Christmas here has always been spectacular and very memorable for us. It’s always great to get out and see what the stores come up with. It always gets us in the holiday mood.

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