Tummy bug

There’s something nasty floating around this house. I don’t know if it’s real or just a series of unfortunate, yet unrelated events- and the connection i’m making is only in my head. What I CAN tell you is that it’s incredibly unpleasant and has crapped on a few days this past week.. and made what should have been a lazy Sunday today awful and miserable.

It started with Holden crapping his pants 3 times in a one hour span. Not that he never has poop accidents, but not so frequently.. he never even regularly poops that close together or that much in a whole day.. let alone in such a short time period. I thought then that he must have a tummy ache, there was just no other explanation for it.

Yesterday Thomas said he kept feeling nauseous and light headed throughout the day. He’s not the type to really ever get sick.

When I woke up this morning, I felt AWFUL. Totally run down.. nauseous and light headed just as Thomas had described yesterday and I could hardly peel myself off of the toilet for the first half of the day. Pooping like that is an exhausting process. When I did get off the toilet, I felt like i’d either pass out, puke, or crap myself.. or maybe all at the same time. I spent a lot of the day lying down trying to feel better. I couldn’t even manage to eat breakfast or lunch- not that I was hungry for either meal anyways.

Once I felt a tiny bit better, I guess Parker decided it was his turn. He projectile vomited curdled disgusting milk and tomatoes all over Thomas, himself, and the floor. Out of nowhere. We were all shocked when it happened, but no one more shocked than Parker. I think it terrified him.

I’m so exhausted and dehydrated from the whole process that I can’t really even think well enough to put together this blog as coherently as i’d hoped. I just want to curl up into a ball and go to sleep.. hopefully waking up NOT feeling like death.. and hopefully not sticking to my shirt like I did last night and having to tear it off of my back.. hurting myself so badly that I got back in bed and was shaking.
Just a bad day all around. I know I have surveys to do but I just don’t have any energy left to devote to them. Ugh.

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