Snowman cheese ball

Guest post written by Donna Presley

Every year for Christmas, me and a couple of my girlfriends always make an effort to get together for our own little mini party so that we can enjoy each other’s company during this crazy and hectic season. We always do secret Santa too because that doesn’t put as much pressure on us to get a present for each one of us. It’s almost a little better for our budgets and we probably give and get better presents because of that.

This year it’s my turn to host the party and I’m so excited for the party tomorrow. I know it was kind of late to wait to do the party until right before Christmas, but it was the only time we could all make it work. I went online with my clearwire to try and find some kind of cute appetizers or finger foods that I could have for the party.

Even though I know that my friends would be fine if I poured some potato chips into a bowl, I wanted to find something really cute and festive to make, so I’m putting together this adorable snowman cheese ball.

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