Snowed in

When people tell me “It’s supposed to snow tonight!” my reaction is always “i’ll believe it when I see it.”
If you live or have ever lived in Virginia, you know that we have some of the most ridiculous bi-polar weather. You just can’t watch the weather forecast and ever trust it 100%. More often than not, it’s wrong. And not just wrong, but dead wrong! It’s almost laughable to even check the forecast before going anywhere, what’s the point?

So when I heard yesterday that we were supposed to get two inches of snow on Christmas and 2-6 the day after, I laughed. I’d heard previously it was supposed to snow Christmas eve and we got a whole lot of nothing. I actually remember the sky being quite clear. No way would it snow on Christmas!

And much to my dismay, I was wrong. It did in fact snow on Christmas during dinner.. but nothing stuck. It was just gross and wet.. and very cold. Since that was wrong, once again I laughed at the thought of getting 2-6 inches to actually stick to the ground today.

Again, I was wrong. Late last night the snow REALLY started coming down.. and sticking. Ugh.
When we woke up this morning, the whole ground had been blanketed in a good 3 inches, and there were huge fat ugly snowflakes pouring out of the sky. They did NOT stop all day. It just kept coming. While the weather forecast was still wrong.. it was wrong in the way I did NOT want it to be. Instead of 2-6 inches.. it became nearly a foot.

And I made a shocking discovery in the thick of it. My evil crampy uterus that decided to wreak havoc on me yesterday? Well, it was about to kick me in the ass even more. I had 3 tampons left. THREE tampons and we were very quickly getting snowed in.

I learned a LONG time ago that having me out on the road during a snowstorm is an extreme danger to myself and to others.. and while I didn’t really want Thomas driving around out there either- there was no way around it. No way in HELL am I digging out the postpartum pads and walking around with a bloody diaper until the snow decides to melt.
So.. out Thomas went. Poor thing. Not only having to drive in snowy icy slippery conditions, but then having to buy tampons on top of it. Brownie points won.

Now if only this nasty weather would pass and the sun would come back out.. AND these cramps would kick rocks- all would be well with the world again.

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