Santa, round 2.

After our last experience visiting Santa, I really wanted to give Holden the opportunity to try again. I know other kids cry when they see Santa- but this year, he was the ONLY one (he and Parker that is). I don’t want him going through life fearing Christmas Eve, hiding under his covers, because he knows that Santa will be coming down the chimney that night.. and instead of bringing presents, he will be sucking out your insides.

I want Holden to really experience holiday joy. I want him to be SO excited Christmas Eve that he can hardly get to sleep. Dreams of sugar plums or whatever the hell the saying is. He should be waking me up at 5 in the morning, at the FIRST sign of light, because it’s technically Christmas morning and time to open presents that Santa brought him.

Somehow, I don’t see that happening any time soon. And after we took Holden to see Santa again today, i’m not sure we’ll EVER take him again.

Even though we talked up Santa this ENTIRE past week, Holden still wasn’t excited to go today. Still very apprehensive about the whole situation. Even though when we went to the mall yesterday, the Santa there talked to him.. and Holden left feeling very happy. Today was a different story. He was still going back and forth about the idea of actually sitting on Santa’s lap. “No thank you!” or “I just want to wave to him!” were the two top responses I got when I told him he WOULD in fact be sitting on the lap of the big guy.

It was probably a sign of bad things to come when we got to Bass Pro Shop (which has free Santa pictures.. figured free is better than waiting and paying for a picture of my kid screaming) and the line was so long that from the back we couldn’t even SEE Santa. I thought maybe it would give Holden time to warm up to the idea, but even with the people in line around him telling him how awesome it was going to be, the closer we got- the more skittish he got.

He still seemed ok until it was actually our turn to walk up to Santa. He lost it. And by lost it, I mean LOST IT. Screamed, cried, threw himself on the floor.. yelled about how he didn’t want to. Embarrassing and horrifying don’t even come close to how I was feeling.

The Santa was the same Santa as last year, the one who held him and stuck it out for the picture while he went ballistic and tried desperately to get away. He tried bribing Holden with a candycane, tried talking to him about cars and trucks- but Holden wouldn’t hear it. He just screamed and screamed. And Parker wasn’t much better.
It got to the point where both Thomas and I had to hold one of the kids and try to just get the picture over with- but apparently it was so bad, the people wouldn’t even print it out.

You’d think that would be the end of our harrowing tale.. but it got worse. Holden then got even MORE hysterical that he didn’t get to “say cheese” and started screaming about how he wanted to. Say WHAT?! You just put us through all of that crap, and now you want to go BACK?
I walked back over to the people in charge and asked if Holden could try again. Much to my surprise, even though Santa was supposed to be getting off work, even though there were other people in line.. they let us cut them all and try again.

But would you believe me if I said that Holden yet AGAIN freaked out and wouldn’t go near Santa? ‘Cause that’s what he did. He wanted to take the picture, sure, but he didn’t want to go near, touch, or even look at Santa. So Thomas had to get in the picture with him.. and they stood probably 3 feet in front of poor old Saint Nick.

That is not something I EVER want to go through again.. and I certainly don’t want to scar the kids for life.
As much as I love Santa pictures, and as funny as pictures are of kids screaming in Santa’s lap- I think i’ve had my fill.
Maybe we’ll go back in.. oh, I don’t know.. 3 years? Enough time for BOTH kids to not think Santa is just Satan in disguise. Maybe we’ll wait until Holden is begging on HANDS AND KNEES to go and sit on Santa’s lap.. and that might just be never!

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