Potty Delays

Tonight I almost couldn’t decide between writing this blog on delaying potty training, or Parker’s first temper tantrum… but in a way they go hand in hand so I suppose I could kill two birds with one stone.

While I am a believer that there is no one ‘correct’ way to potty train children, because no two children are alike, and there is not one sure-fire method to get them all to stop pissing their pants and holding it for the bathroom.. there is the way I personally like to potty train. We all find what works for us and go with it.
I’m a big fan of early potty training. Not to the full extent of fascist dictator, but as soon as Holden was walking full time (around 14 months) we started introducing the potty. Just to warm him up to the idea, maybe to help cement potty-time in his head.. so that when it was time to buckle down and get things done, he wouldn’t be as resistant as a lot of kids are. We also had hopes that perhaps he’d pick up on it early and would be done training early.. and sure enough, he was trained very early. He stopped peeing his diaper when we went out of the house at a very early age. Very exciting for a parent.

Needless to say (but i’ll say it anyways), I wanted to go down the same route with Parker. It seemed to work, it was easy and stress free.. so why not?

Only.. we can’t. And for more than one reason.

Another one of my personal thoughts on potty training is that a kid should walk themselves to the bathroom instead of being carried. Just for conditioning. I don’t think they should be carried or forced to go, just so they learn that they’ll always walk themselves for future purposes. And Parker isn’t walking yet, so it would always be me making him go instead of him going himself. Last thing he needs is to associate bad thoughts with something else in his life.

The main reason, though, is that Parker is still having a LOT of pain when he attempts to go #2. Poop is usually the last thing that gets trained, but still.. there’s no way he’s going to sit on a potty and scream for the poop to come out. I want his potty experiences to be happy, not painful. That would be yet ANOTHER bad association. We need to get him walking and his butt problems cleared up before potty training can really be introduced comfortably..

But then there’s his serious attitude. Holden was always a pretty stubborn kid, but he’s got nothing on Parker. Parker threw his first FULL ON temper tantrum today, all over a stupid tube of Desitin he wanted to play with. He screamed, yelled, fake cried, threw himself face down on the bed and wouldn’t even look at me for a half an hour because I wouldn’t give it back. I foresee potty training because a hell of a lot harder than it was with Holden. Never thought i’d say Holden was the easy one!

I’m frustrated to say the least. I was really hoping to get this potty ball rolling. I did mention it to Parker today after he watched both Holden and I go, and he didn’t shake his head back and forth violently in disagreement.. so maybe that’s a good sign.. but once the pants come down and the diaper is off and he has to sit in one place for more than a minute, i’m not so sure his view on the matter will be the same.

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