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One of Holden’s “big” Christmas gifts was the Fisher Price Kid-Tough Digital Camera. He’s always had a fascination with taking pictures.. always tried to steal my digital camera and loves looking through pictures on the computer- so I thought it would make the perfect gift for him. Plus he’s lacking in the creativity department when it comes to drawing, so it occurred to me that this might also open up a new way for him to be creative.

After a ridiculously long process trying to upload the pictures to my computer, and now having some random program open over and over and OVER, I can finally see what Holden has been running around snapping shots of for the past 2 days. It’s interesting to see things through his eyes (although the pictures I imagine are much blurrier than what he’s seeing), what he finds interesting enough to take a picture of.

So I thought i’d share some of the most interesting of the bunch

baby brother

Self portrait:

Special Agent Oso:

Crazy Christmas Tree:

Alphie will haunt your dreams:

Sock (and there were lots of foot photos to sift through)

I’m sure once he gets better hang of the camera and steadying his hands, the photos will seem less like they were taken underwater.. but they’re still fun to look at! Some I had no idea he’d taken, just heard the shutter sound going off around the house. I did have to warn him NOT to take pictures of me while I was changing. Can you imagine coming across those? As Holden would say “awwwkwaaarrrrrd!”

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