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The whole Similac formula recall debacle has always very much reminding me of the massive tylenol/motrin recall a few months ago. Everyone feels so secure using ‘name brand’.. and the name brands are the ONLY ones that ever get recalled!
I don’t have any plans on going back to name brand infant pain reliever after the two recalls in a row WHILE my kid was sick/teething and needed it and I couldn’t find any.. and with this Similac recall? It makes me glad Parker is 100% on whole milk these days. Which means no more formula. We never used Similac in our house but it’s still a very scary thing to hear about. It could happen to anyone.

I’ve written in probably seven previous blogs about the benefits of store brand formula, and how I think anyone about to give birth or with a baby who can tolerate a formula switch to switch to generic formula . I think with this recall, a lot of people will be much less likely to consider Similac, or maybe even name brands in general. Just seems to be an omen! And you’re really doing a good thing by switching. Since all formulas have to be FDA approved- you’re not taking a step down by using store brand.

If you compare the health benefits of Similac Advance to Parent’s Choice Advantage- you’ll find they are really one in the same. They both have prebiotics, vitamins and minerals, and DHA&ARA which are believed to help support brain and eye development.


Even better is how much money you will save by making the switch. Don’t believe me? Check out this article:



You will save nearly $10 a can by using Store brand instead of name brand formula. That adds up to a LOT of money in the course of a year.

Are you considering making the switch? If not.. you should!

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