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The thought of going to the dentist might totally freak me out- but I am still incredibly interested in keeping my mouth the cleanest and freshest it can be at home. I feel like i’ve tried just about every product out there, without a lot of success- and without the products living up to all the hype behind them.

And i’m picky when it comes to oral care. I want it to make my mouth feel fresh and clean, fight cavities, and I want the effect to last a long time.

There’s one product i’ve heard about that I haven’t tried, but sounds motivating enough to get me out to the store to pick up a tube of toothpaste- and it’s called Tom’s Of Maine

They have a product line called “Wicked Fresh” the promises to get RID of bad breath (because really, who wants bad breath??) and keep it that way for a long time- without all the burn of alcohol.

The toothpaste gives you long-lasting breath freshness, and the Wicked Fresh mouthwash cleans your mouth and leaves it feeling clean without all that awful burning.


I hate the days where i’m just sitting in the house and can feel my mouth starting to taste nasty- when I haven’t eaten anything in hours, and haven’t drank anything other than water. I need something better- and it seems like Tom’s of Maine Wicked Fresh might just be the product to do that.


And to top it off- I leave you with a contest! That’s Wicked Fresh contest page

Go and share your Wicked Fresh moment and you can win a $500 Target gift card or other Wicked Fresh prizes! You can also follow them on Twitter @TomsofMaine, or become a fan on Facebook.


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