Is that… cradle cap??

There are far too many weird, gross and seemingly unexplainable things you have to deal with as a parent. It’s the lay of the land. Comes with the territory. The way the cookie crumbles, and any other stupid and over-used metaphor you can think of. THAT is the reality of parenting. If you can’t take the heat…
Ok, i’m done now.
Anyways- Probably one of the mildest, but still up there on the icky list in my book is something called cradle cap. I think of it as baby dandruff, but i’m not quite sure that’s exactly what it is. Basically, your baby just flakes skin from their scalp and sometimes their eyebrows. It’s gross, and nasty to deal with. Sometimes it’s mild, and sometimes it’s BAD. Parker had it pretty bad, flaky eyebrows and all.. but the worst i’ve EVER seen is my nephew. His scalp literally looked like a dried out desert. It looked downright painful.

Once your baby is out of the infancy stage, you don’t typically see cradle cap anymore. You write it off and forget about it.. happily.
Or so I thought, at least.

While cutting Holden’s hair about two weeks ago.. something caught my eye that took me aback. I parted his hair and quite literally did a double take. There, staring me in the face, was a dried out desert looking scalp. I couldn’t believe it. Could this be cradle cap rearing it’s ugly head on a 3 year old? I searched his head like a monkey looking for fleas and found it everywhere. I cut Holden’s hair pretty frequently and have never seen even a hint of flakage before, so I was pretty confused.

Does my 3 year old have a severe case of dandruff? Does that even happen so young? When we went to the store I looked for some kind of children’s dandruff shampoo and couldn’t find anything even remotely relating to scalp issues.. so I don’t think it’s common. I don’t think it’s common to see cradle cap in an older child either.

I’m just not really sure WHAT to do about it. Get him some head and shoulders? We’ve tried lotioning his head.. which makes for greasy unmanageable hair, we’ve tried scrubbing his head vigorously in the shower.. and neither of those help. It just seems to be spreading like a virus all over his scalp. And Holden, picking up on me throwing the term ‘cradle cap’ around has started using it like an insult.
“I just don’t want to, cradle cap!”
It’s bad news all around, and it’s making my skin crawl just knowing it’s there underneath his hair line.. flaking and looking generally disgusting

Any suggestions as to what to do to rectify this disturbing and strange ailment?

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