In home therapy and more reasons to hate snow

Immediately following breakfast this morning, I felt an incredibly cold draft coming from what I thought was the front windows. It wouldn’t be surprising, all of the windows on this stupid house are old, wooden and rotting. We have to sleep with a towel in the window above our bed because the draft is SO bad otherwise that I can’t sleep. Bad drafting is not uncommon for this house.. but what I felt this morning felt like a breeze- as if the window were wide open and the cold winter air were blowing straight through.

After feeling around the windows aimlessly for a few minutes, I suddenly realized it was not a draft after all- it was the vents. The vents that were supposed to be heating our home, and usually pump out wonderfully warm air- were pouring freezing air into our house instead.
Instantly I was not pleased, either the gas company cut our heat off, or our heater was broken. Neither option being a good one to choose as the problem.

We checked the stove, which is also gas- and it lit right up. Instantly I knew that it wasn’t a problem with our payments.. but a problem with the heater. And who didn’t listen to me? Thomas. He spent an hour trying to get a hold of the gas company to make sure they didn’t cut our gas off. An hour of which the house dropped 5 degrees and became SO freezing I almost couldn’t stand it. Meanwhile, the house was still being pumped with cold air so we had to cut off the heat completely.. but that didn’t stop the fans.

Finally he decided to call property management, who of course didn’t answer their phone. The house at that point was 69 degrees.. doesn’t sound cold, but it IS. And I was concerned about the kids, and about our first in-home occupational therapy appointment coming up later that morning.

We were given no estimate on when the heating repair guy would come and fix our heater- so we finally said screw it, we’ll try turning it back on just to see what happens. Lo and behold, the heat miraculously worked. And it’s a good thing, because when the heating guys finally called they claimed they were so backed up that they wouldn’t be able to come fix our heater until Monday. MONDAY! That’s over 3 days without heat, which would be absolutely unlivable.

Just another reason to add to the very long list of why I HATE snow. Last year, we lost power for 4 days and had to vacate because we nearly froze. This year? Our heater randomly goes out.. and I can’t imagine what may have happened had it not magically started working again.

A few minutes later the therapist showed up.. and Parker flipped. It didn’t take long for him to warm up to her though, so we all sat down and she watched him play and let him get used to her. She said we wouldn’t be doing any real therapy since she didn’t want to totally freak him out by her presence and make eating even more traumatizing to him- so she would just watch.

I think the appointment went well. She saw a lot of good things in him- he likes vegetables and fruit.. which is abnormal for most children with eating problems. Or even regular kids. Most kids just don’t like veggies, but Parker has always been the type to buck the trend.

She watched him eat lunch and gave us some suggestions of quick things to try to make his eating process not SO painfully slow.

One thing that was nice to hear was that she thought she could really make a difference. She seemed to pinpoint his problem, and also told us that it seemed we were doing everything right to help him. She has no idea how long it will take him to get on track- you have to follow the child’s cues, but she does think his problems can be corrected and that she can help to do that. And Parker seemed to really take to her (which he does not do with many people), so I think things are really going to move in a positive direction from here on out.

A good indicator of that is the fact that Parker did better at dinner tonight than he has EVER done. He drank all of his milk, he ate some chicken and veggies, french fries, tomatoes.. he ate most of the jar of his baby food (which at that point we didn’t even care about he ate so much real food).. and ALL without whining even once.

Our next appointment with her is Tuesday.. let’s just hope there’s no more heating outages to try and ruin that appointment too.

I hate the snow!!!!!

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