How can you sleep like that?

You could say that I spoil Parker during nap time. I probably wouldn’t disagree with you. The kid still takes 2-3 naps per day (usually 3) and every single one of them is on me. The weekends he might let me put him down- but weekdays it’s all mommy cuddle time.
I really have no complaints about it. I did the same thing with Holden.. sort of. Holden was a much pickier sleeper- and when he was the age Parker is now he was FAR too heavy to hold in the cradle position, so he slept upright, head on my chest, legs down by my waist. He slept that way from the time he turned one up until the day before I gave birth to Parker.

Looking at it that way, it’s really only fair that Parker naps on me as well. It’d be NICE if he napped a little less, but the kid loves sleep. What can you do?
He has grown accustomed to being cradled, though. I don’t think he’d sleep the way Holden used to.. guess i’ll never know unless I try, but we’ve grown accustomed to our routine.
We sit down on the couch, I put the boppy on and cradle him. His head is really the only thing that gets held by me, the rest of him lays on the boppy and I pat his little tush until he falls asleep.

He’s a pretty easy sleeper. I don’t have to fight with him to get him to sleep 99% of the time. Just passes right out and stays still until about the last half hour of nap time. That’s when he starts to fidgit and fight with me and just doesn’t want to be held anymore.
I used to fight him on it in order to keep him (and in turn keep Holden) asleep- but that got old fast. I just started giving up and letting him go.. and what I noticed was that he’d usually just fall back asleep.
The unusual part is HOW he fell back asleep. Never once does he just stay still on the boppy and sleep in a ‘normal’ position that regular people would find comfortable.
No- that’s not for Parker.

He will usually toss and turn a little, find THE most ridiculous position- and pass out. And I mean out COLD. Mouth open, hand twitching sleep.
Even when he wakes up and seems like he’s going to STAY up, he’ll crawl around the couch for a minute, come back, and once again find a seemingly impossible position to sleep in- and pass back out.

Over time I have taken pictures of these weird positions, and now I will show them to you:

I have no idea HOW he can sleep in most of these positions, but it sure does make for some funny pictures. Whatever floats his boat, I guess.

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