Going Gray

While in my mind, I am getting to the age where it’s becoming slightly uncomfortable to admit how old I am (especially when most of my friends are younger than me, as is Thomas)- I realize numerically, in the grand scheme of things.. I am not old. Not really even close to old. Hell, if things go my way- i’m only about 30% of the way through my life.

On my birthday, which just so happens to be next month- I will be turning 27. Ugh. So close to 30 it’s frightening. Soon my blog won’t be able to be by-lined “Musings of 20-something mom”.. that will be a very sad day.

But still, in the grand scheme of things- i’m not old! I’m still in my 20’s. That’s still young! The only wrinkles I have are in my forehead.. and I have had those for as LONG as I can remember. People still look at me funny when I tell them I have two children, as if there’s no way i’m old enough to have popped two out.

I’m young! Or at least, that’s what I keep telling myself.

During my nightly grooming ritual, however, I noticed something quite disturbing staring back at me in the mirror. A silver hair. And not just silver, but metallic. It looked like tinsel was growing out of my head. I’ve been more in the Christmas spirit than previous years, but not enough to make tinsel grow out of my head.

So after seeing that- like any rational normal female- what did I do? I plucked that sucker out of my head. It wasn’t an easy task, that’s for damn sure. It just didn’t want to leave. It wanted to taunt me with my quickly coming old age. After 10 minutes of trying to yank it out with my hands to no avail, I got frustrated enough to rummage through one of the bathroom sink drawers for a pair of tweezers. I pulled that thing out and then glared at it. Stupid silver, almost clear hair. How dare you mock me with my age??

Sure, I have quite a bit of stress with Parker’s issues, money issues, and the holiday season.. but 26 is NOT old enough to be sprouting silver hair- especially when I make sure to get my hair dyed every 2 months or less just so that my natural color never sees the light of day.

Now I will be obsessively checking the mirror for more silver hairs peeking through, probably causing even more of them in the process.

To add to my stress level- My stupid cell phone could not be saved. While AT&T gave me a new one free of charge, they could not recover ANY data from my old phone. Every baby picture and video that hadn’t been stored anywhere else? Gone.
That’s enough to cause at least 4 more silver tinsel hairs. Grrrrrr.

Again I say: BAH HUMBUG!!

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