Glutton for punishment

Why do I do these things to myself?

I love tattoos.. but I HATE the pain of getting them, and especially hate the recovery pain and extreme itchiness.

Today I went back to finish the original piece on my back- thinking the higher up on my back the less it would hurt.. as I have a piece on my upper back that really wasn’t all that painful to get. My lower back piece? WORST pain ever. Lower flower? Not terrible, but got pretty unbearable toward the end.. and it’s near all that sensitive fatty tissue. My upper back is really just skin and bone, so it was a logical assumption (to me anyways) that it would hurt much less than the last session.

Oh how wrong I was. Twice as painful. Incredibly sensitive area, it seems. I spent a lot of the session cringing in pain.. so much so that it gave me an intense headache.

What I seemed to forget to factor in is the fact that this part of the tattoo goes right under where my bra sits. I am not a fan of going braless. I’m no hippy chick! I rather enjoy being supported, even though I don’t have much to support. Free-boobing it is uncomfortable for me.. but it appears that’s what i’m going to have to do until the tenderness subsides.

And then will come the question- do I get more? Do I put myself through more sharp intense pain? And the answer will most likely be yes.. because I love the result that comes from all the pain. I have big ideas for my back.. but I think i’ll be taking a little break before putting myself through it again. Not too long- because i’ve so desperately wanted this thing finished for SO long- but long enough earn some more money, and to black the pain out from this session. Yikes.

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