Family of gingerbread houses

Guest post written by Prudence Stevens

My kids started asking about a month ago if we could make some gingerbread houses together and I’ve been putting it off because it’s too far away from Christmas. But now I don’t think that I can really get away with using that excuse now though.

I tried to find some ideas and inspiration for how I could exactly do some gingerbread houses with the kids by going online and trying to find some instructions and recipe. When I was doing that I found some pricing on satellite internet packages and after figuring out which one I wanted, decided to click here and order it for our household.

I found what I was looking for to make some gingerbread houses and cooked up enough supplies for each of my kids to make their own little mini house so that there wouldn’t be any fussing over doing one big one together. Then my kids just had a not so friendly competition over whose gingerbread house looked better, which I guess was the better of two evils.

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