A doozy of a Christmas

Our Christmas started incredibly early this morning. And not due to Santa duties.. and not because of an anxious child chomping at the bit to tear open presents.. but because Holden is a strange creature of habit and for the past week almost EVERY night he’s been crawling into bed with us in the wee hours of the morning.

We stayed up so late last night cleaning up and setting presents out, that I don’t think i’d even been asleep for 2 hours before Holden woke me up by clumsily plopping in bed beside me. HE went back to sleep immediately, but his flailing arms, kicking legs, and constant thrashing basically kept me up for the rest of the night and until he woke back up and wouldn’t stop biting his nails and talking to me. Since I couldn’t get back to sleep, at around 7am I decided to throw in the towel and tell Holden we could go ahead and get up and see what Santa brought. Not surprisingly, he didn’t seem all that excited.

With Parker still being so young, and SO fussy when you deprive him of sleep, I didn’t want to wake him.. so I made Holden wait to open his stocking for a while.. until I realized Parker was NOT going to wake up. He was passed out in his crib with his foot sticking through the slats. So I decided to go ahead and let Holden open his stocking. The only thing he was really outwardly happy about was some Cars posters sent to us from friends in California.

After that I started to make breakfast, Parker still sleeping, and wondering if my Dad and step mom would show up, and being pretty sure my brother wouldn’t. I still made enough food to feed a small army.

We woke Parker up, started eating.. and were about finished when my parents showed up. Got them fed and we started opening gifts. Parker was all over the place, had NO interest in opening anything, but did want to play with everything Holden was opening. Out of Holden I got a few audible gasps.. but no jumping down and screaming- which I didn’t expect but maybe hoped for a little bit.
No surprise here- but my brother didn’t show.
And to add insult to injury, wouldn’t you know it- my period started while the unwrapping process was going on. YAY! Cramps!

Parker was in a SERIOUS mood. Tired.. and cutting 4 teeth (two of which are molars). He completely refused lunch. Normally i’d have been a little ticked.. but I couldn’t blame him for not wanting to eat with how much pain his mouth is in.
We had to give up and get him down for a nap early so he would wake up early and we could get to my Dad’s on time.

I thought we’d spoiled the kids rotten.. until we got to my Dad’s house and saw all the loot they started collecting there. To say they were generous would be an understatement. They got the boys things they LOVE.. and I have a feeling my house is going to wreak of playdoh from here on out.

With how rotten Parker was at home I expected him to be the same at my Dad’s, especially with how uncomfortable he is in large groups of people he doesn’t know all that well.. but he warmed up VERY quickly. He walked to my brother. He walked to Holden’s “girlfriend” (aka, my brother’s girlfriend) Logan, he let other people hold him (only for a few seconds, but still!).. he really just had a blast and didn’t force Thomas to hold him the entire time.

I think we all had a good time, cramps and teething aside. Ugh, but it started snowing during dinner. Parker LOVED it, but I hear we’re supposed to get even more tomorrow. Gross.

The boys had SO much fun that they both passed out on the way home.. even though Holden had INSISTED he wasn’t tired.

We got home pretty late, but Parker actually ate dinner rather well while Holden played with his Alphie (which ties as his favorite toy thus far next to his Special Agent Oso toys.. I think that may change once we get batteries for his digital camera).

Maybe next year Holden will be more inclined to visit Santa, since Santa was so damn good to him this year!

Once I get through all the pictures- i’ll make another post if I have the energy.. and if these cramps don’t kill me.

Merry Christmas to you and yours! I hope you all had a fantastic one!

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