Disney is Mom’s best friend

Contributed by Maria Ruiz

With a 2 year old son who is amazed by anything Disney, I recently stumbled onto something I never even thought of before. The Disney Channel! I was flipping channels the other day and came across this channel and it has been an answer to my prayers ever since!

Every afternoon, I let my son watch the Disney Channel on our Direct TV special deals. I usually let him watch it when I need to clean up the house. He loves watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Handy Manny. Those twos shows alone can keep him in his seat for a good two hours. He likes to sing along to the songs and I like that the shows teach him educational things and it isn’t just entertainment. It lets his little imagination just soar. I don’t have to worry about the content he’s watching on this channel. I know they keep it Rated G at all times unlike some other stations.

I asked him the other day what his favorite show was on the Disney Channel and he lovingly told me that Mickey Mouse is his favorite show! Of course, I knew he meant the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse but it was just so cute. I recommend this channel to anyone who has youngsters who just won’t sit down!

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