Decorating for Christmas

Guest post written by Mikel Trevino

Sometimes decorating for Christmas can be exciting but it also can be dreadful and frustrating, depending on what you’re doing. Regardless, our family never goes a year without out doing themselves in Christmas decorations. By the time we are finished decorating, our home always look 2 times better than all of the houses on the block. So, I guess you can pretty much imagine what our light bill looks like around Christmas time.

My children love decorating for Christmas. I have 4 kids and they all enjoy pitching in to put their own little decorations on the tree. They’ll often make things in school to add to the ornaments and they enjoy making string caramel popcorn to go around the tree. Our Christmas tree is always white so you can imagine how much it stands out after we’ve finished with the decorations.

Of course, the caramel popcorn doesn’t always make it to Christmas time; you can always find spots where the kids have been eating pieces off of it. At the same time, they look so serious when they tell me it wasn’t them. I really enjoy this time with my kids. I even make sure we have plenty of time before their bedtime to sit down as a family and watch Satellite TV. There is always something on that the entire family can enjoy.

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