Christmas shopping… done?

My goal for this year’s Christmas shopping was to get it all out of the way early. Very early. I don’t like navigating Christmas crowds and waiting in long lines.. it’s just no fun at all for me. Hustle and Bustle sounds like a nightmare rather than holiday cheer.

Thanks to online shopping, I nearly reached my goal. I got almost everything on Holden’s list quite easily and for good prices.. but Parker caused a huge roadblock. Not having any idea what to get the kid that has everything- I just couldn’t find anything online that I thought he’d like or that was much different from what he already has. Or the things I did find were out of stock on store websites and twice the price on Amazon. Not happening.

While we were out over the weekend, we randomly decided to stop in at Big Lots just to see what they had, check out prices. Ended up finding one gift for Parker that i’d considered for his 1st birthday but didn’t buy, and it was a pretty good price so we snatched it up. Still, that’s just one gift- and while I don’t want to go completely overboard on Parker, i’d feel a tad guilty if he only had one thing under the Christmas tree to open while Holden has a buttload of stuff.

So unfortunately the shopping for Parker is not only incomplete, but puzzling as well. And the more I shop around for Parker, the more I see things that Holden would LOVE.. but we just can’t really afford to spend more on him than we already have. We promised to keep it simple this year, stick to his list. I just can’t help wanting to spoil the hell out of my kids, even if they don’t need it.

Even though I didn’t finish shopping for Parker, I did get my nephew out of the way and got a birthday present for a friend’s kid. The only other person left to shop for is my Dad.. and we always end up getting him a gift certificate to a book store since he needs absolutely NOTHING else. Either that or framed pictures of the boys. Can never go wrong with pictures.

If I could just sell the enormous amount of baby crap sitting around, maybe THEN I could justify going all out.. but for now the gifts are as they stand. One more for Parker and we’ll call it quits.

Of course, that won’t be the end of Christmas crap we have to do. We still have to put up the tree and stockings AND wrap all the presents. Being 95% done with shopping unfortunately does NOT mean I won’t be busy all the way up until Christmas. If only Santa were real- that would take a lot of the workload off of my shoulders!

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