Christmas prediction.. wrong?

Back before Thanksgiving, I had a prediction. Looking at Parker’s ease of cruising and strong desire to be moving along behind Holden without getting left in his dust- I thought he’d be walking by then.
I can remember the first Thanksgiving Holden was walking at.. actually RUNNING.. and he was only 2 weeks older than Parker was this past Thanksgiving. Parker didn’t have as much fat to throw around, and has decent balance- seemed to be a no brainer.

Well, Thanksgiving came and went, and still no walking. It’s weird how EVERY doctor we see says “he’s so close!” he never seems to get any closer to taking the initiative to walk on his own.
He walks holding on of my hands, and he MIGHT take a step or two toward me if he’s feeling like it.. but that’s not typical. He’d just rather crawl, or cruise very quickly to his desired destination.

So my prediction moved to Christmas. He HAD to start walking by Christmas, right? It seems only natural. It’s been long enough in the stage right on the brink of walking. He has to be tired of crawling. Has to see that walking is a far better and faster alternative.. and much easier on his bony little knees, right?

Here comes Christmas right around the corner.. and i’m thinking i’m once again going to have to push my prediction back another holiday to New Years.. or maybe even my birthday.

Perhaps he will surprise me and give me a Christmas gift and take off on his own. What nice Christmas pictures that would make for- to have two insane children bum rushing the tree to see what evil Santa brought them (COAL!)
Definitely better than last year’s photos, where Holden wouldn’t stop playing with one gift long enough to open the next and Parker pretty much cried the whole time from his stationary position on the couch. I’m not holding my breath on that though. Christmas always tends to throw me a nasty little curve ball and go sour one way or another- it’ll most likely be Parker clinging on to me or Thomas like a terrified spider monkey the entire day instead of playing with the other kids.

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