Christmas Eve Eve

I’ve got to make this blog short tonight, not really by choice- but because although i’ve wrapped presents almost every single night this week, I still have a small boatload to wrap tonight.

Of course, while out shopping today to get some pajamas for Holden, we happened across some random thing he’s been asking for for Christmas that we’ve not been able to find (a fish puzzle, of all things. What a strange request).. so I had to scoop it up. Such a spoiler. Even more money spent, blowing my ‘budget’ way out of the water.
It just adds to my pile of leftover gifts that I ran out of energy to wrap previously.
Gifts for my nephew, my dad, and both boys. Plus I have to figure out what appetizers to bring to Christmas dinner.. I am NOT good with appetizers. Dessert is my thing. Give me anything else and i’m at a loss of what to make, or even if I can make it.
Ugh, and I think I have to clean. The boys really did a number on the house this week. Parker especially, in his rotten destructive little mood, made even worse by the fact that he’s cutting 4 bottom teeth right now.

Let’s just hope I don’t once AGAIN run out of paper.. because no way in hell am I going out again after it took us 30 minutes just to move 20 feet today. Oh, and let’s also hope that our heat doesn’t go out for the THIRD time this week because property management doesn’t care enough to find a company who cares that we could freeze to death on Christmas, so they won’t be coming until Monday.

Must I really utter another BAH HUMBUG? I’d rather not! I’d rather for the next two days things go perfectly.

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