Being Santa

There is just one night a year where we as parents get to be magical. We are the bringers of Holiday joy and magic to all little children. They have no idea, but we get to be Santa for just one night while they sleep (or don’t sleep) and wait for Christmas morning.

I tried my hardest, but I still don’t think Holden is as excited about Christmas as most kids his age. We baked cookies from scratch for Santa- even dyed them green (upon Holden’s insistence.)
We listened to Christmas music and read his new Christmas book. He opened Christmas pajamas right before bed, set the milk and cookies out.. the whole kit and caboodle.
Still, I think he’ll sleep soundly and wake up and stroll over to the Christmas tree instead of tearing ass.

At least there’s one person excited in this house for tomorrow morning- and that’d be me. Maybe once Holden starts the actual present opening process he’ll liven up a bit- not holding my breath though.

We do have to be very careful about the whole Santa process in this house. Our house isn’t huge, and the bedrooms are a straight shot to the tree. Once we start unloading presents, there’s no way to hide if Holden decides to come out of his room at the perfect moment. That’d be one way to ruin Christmas. And he’s definitely not old enough to pull the whole “you’re dreaming!” trick on him.
We need a bigger house!

Suppose it’s now time to eat those green cookies.. and being sure to leave a few crumbs behind to show Holden in the morning. I hope Holden appreciates the fat going straight to my hips!

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