Bah Humbug!! Scroogin’ it up!

It was really only a matter of time before something this Christmas season went terribly awry and sent me back into holiday hating mode.

I thought MAYBE, possibly, i’d make it out of this year with a smile on my face- but i’m just never that lucky. The holidays are simply meant to be hell for me. One way or another- something bad always happens.
This season so far had gone so well that I let my guard down, got into the spirit.. and now i’ve been bit in the ass.

Of course, the Grinch chose the day I expected it the least to open up the ground and let me fall in.

We were having such a good day, too. Breakfast was peaceful, and FAST. We had our second in-home OT session today and that went great- Parker warmed up to the therapist in two seconds flat and did really well at all the exercises- even wanted to snuggle her multiple times.

Yes, that definitely left me unprepared.

It started out with a soft blow.. the realization that my kids are going to look like hot messes on Christmas morning due to not having a SINGLE pair of matching pajamas. And I don’t mean matching as in they match eachother (ew! never!), I mean matching as in the top matching the bottom. Not a single pair!
Most of Holden’s pajamas consist of shirts that have become too small to wear out in public for fear of ridicule, and hand me down bottoms from god knows where that again, he could never wear out in public for fear of ridicule.

The vision flashed across my mind of looking back on Christmas pictures and having the kids wearing their horrid mismatched outfits and them saying “Mom! What was I wearing??”
They need new pajamas. And not just for Christmas, but in general.. but especially for Christmas. Only.. going out in our city the week before Christmas is sure death. All of the places to buy clothes are nestled into one very tight area.. that gets so clogged around Christmas that you get stopped in dead still traffic for an hour. That in no way sounds like a good time to me.. but I suppose if I want to save our Christmas pictures i’m going to have to make it happen somehow. Ugh.

Strike 1.

Strike 2 happened at around 3pm when I was trying to send a picture from my phone to Thomas and the thing died. Totally crapped out. Screen went black but the phone was still on. This is after the vibration in the phone broke about a week ago (which has been driving me absolutely insane).. but that wasn’t even the first sign of impending doom. Ever since I got the stupid thing it’s randomly shut off while trying to perform mundane tasks.
I tried everything to get it to come back on. Removing the battery, taking out the SIM card.. nothing worked. The thing is dead. But not dead enough to THINK it’s turned on and heat up to a scalding temperature as if it’s been in use for 3 hours straight.

I already hate AT&T, but what’s even worse is that no one in their AT&T stores knows how to fix phones. Worthless. The closest “service store” is 45 minutes away.
The only plus side is that Thomas works about 5 minutes away from that place, so he’s going to take it during lunch tomorrow- but I would bet MONEY on them looking at it, blaming me, and forcing me to pay $50 just to get another piece of crap when ALL I want is to get the hell OFF of AT&T. Plus i’m probably going to lose all of the data stored in that stupid POS.

Just what I need so close to Christmas, to have to shell out $50 for something I do NOT want when i’ve already well over-spent my budget for Christmas to make it special for the boys.

What is strike #3 going to be?? I’m waiting for the axe to drop now. And after that, I will be in full-on Scrooge mode.. Tiny Tim doesn’t stand a chance!!!

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