Bad for Dad

My kids may be somewhat on the evil side- but we have an understanding between us. When they’re home alone with me, we have a routine. We keep to that routine, we live by that routine. It works for us, and generally everyone is happy. The boys play happily, there are rarely any tantrums or crying except for the occasional falling down booboo crying. Our days are relatively peaceful.
And then Thomas comes home from work and both kids seem to flip a switch and turn into absolute monsters. Holden starts acting out much more than usual, and Parker follows Thomas around and cries to be picked up.. pretty much the whole night. It’s like they are competing for his attention, but instead of doing tricks- they just see who can whine the loudest.

Today, thanks to the sky opening up and crapping snow all over us- Thomas got sent home from work early. We’d had a very peaceful day thus far. Two hours later (because Virginians think it’s the damn apocalypse when it snows and decide to crash and drive erratically), he got home and got to work on his laptop (just because you’re sent home, doesn’t mean you aren’t expected to work.. according to his job anyways). The boys were still mid-nap, so I got to enjoy some more quiet time.. but once they woke up all hell broke loose.
Whining, crying, begging for Daddy. Holden less than Parker, but still enough to distract Thomas from his job.
Parker got so upset, in fact, that he absolutely refused his afternoon snack- a snack I rarely EVER have issues with.

Even his poops, which are generally cause for meltdown in his world, caused him to get even more upset than usual. So upset that he puked ALL over his changing table and himself.. and Thomas. Again, something that never happens when it’s just me at home with the boys.

I was tempted to banish Thomas from the house- make him come back when he usually comes home.. just to get a semblance of peace and order back. It wouldn’t have been nice to send him out in such nasty weather though.

The only thing I can think that it could be is a cry for attention. The boys get to see me SO much and so often that they’re comfortable with me. I’m just there. Nothing special, really. Daddy is gone for 10 hours a day 5 days a week, so when he comes home to them it’s like Christmas morning.

Am I jealous? I’d have to say somewhat. I’d love to get that kind of reaction when I walk in the door after getting my hair done- but I never get met with anything even near that. At the same time- it’s nice to no longer be followed around the house by a whining baby and not be able to get ANYTHING done.

I’m hoping Parker grows out of this Daddy insanity soon. I don’t think Thomas can handle it- and to be honest, I can’t handle Thomas bitching about it. Whiny men are far more annoying to me than whiny children.

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