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There are not enough adjectives or descriptions in the English language to accurately describe just how much I hate cold weather. THAT, my friends, is how much I hate it. I get no joy in snow. Long sleeves are nice.. sometimes.. unless you’re like me with abnormally long arms, and no sleeves fit unless you want the shirt ridiculous ill-fitting in the torso area- so no.. there’s just nothing left to like about it!

This past week has been the first week of real consistent cold weather. Cold enough to where there was NO way in hell I was taking the boys outside to play in it. They probably wouldn’t care- but Parker is bald and would probably catch pnuemonia.. plus he doesn’t walk yet and would be crawling on the frozen tundra.. and i’d be absolutely miserable. I’m all for sacrificing things for our kids- but freezing cold weather is one thing I just can’t compromise on. Can’t do it. I am not built for the cold. I should live in Hawaii.. if only my skin didn’t burn after 5 minutes in the sun. Really- weather in general and I do not get along.

Aside from not being able to take the boys outside in the nearly freezing weather- Holden developed a cough earlier this week. Bad time to develop one, considering we have a slightly busy weekend ahead of us. Tomorrow morning we have a 3 year old’s birthday party to attend, and then lunch with some folks we haven’t seen in a while, and then we have to make a quick trip to Borders to use up my “Borders Bucks” before they expire.. So Holden needs to be well.

Some people might take their kids out while they’re sick- things still have to get done.. but I don’t want to be one of those parents infecting other kids with my kid’s nasty germs. Holden has been VERY excited to attend one of his many “girlfriend”s birthday party.. but i’ve had to remind him that if he’s still hacking like he has been, there’s no way he can go. He keeps insisting that he is “not sick”- and honestly he doesn’t act like he is. He might have a gross sounding cough, but there’s no fever or fatigue. He’s acting totally normal… actually better than usual.

I’ve tried to contain whatever infection he has by telling him to keep his face out of Parker’s- but those attempts are futile. He will never stop getting in Parker’s face. Obsessed with his brother.
And of course, like clockwork, yesterday Parker started coughing. Not nearly as much as Holden, but enough to where it’s noticeable. Just like Holden though, he has no symptoms of sickness at all other than a cough.
Still, I don’t know what we’ll do if tomorrow they both wake up still coughing. I can’t have on my conscience another kid getting sick because I decided to take them to a birthday party full of small children who don’t know how to contain their germs or cover their mouths (Holden tries, i’ll give him that).

Cold weather ruins everything I swear. It’s the time of runny noses, boogery coughs, and sinus pressure. I just hope for once luck is on our side and the boys wake up tomorrow.. silent.

Just add random unexplainable sickness to the list of reasons why I hate the winter. Other than seeing the look on Holden’s face on Christmas morning.. I just can’t think of ONE good thing about this season.
Is it spring yet?

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