To Black Friday, or not to Black Friday- that is the question

The last thing I want to do after stuffing myself full of Thanksgiving goodies all day long.. is wake up at 3 the next morning when all I want to be doing is sleeping off the turkey hangover, get dressed, and go out into massive crowds full of wackadoodle mommies and insanely grasp for a limited number of items that are on some kind of sale.
When did that become a good idea?? Who thought that up?? They must call it BLACK friday because masochists love black so much.

Just never peaked my interest to ruin my post-Thanksgiving sleep for five dollars off of a vibrating pair of slippers, and we don’t buy high ticket items that everyone goes bonkers over.

While it’s still not an appealing idea to me, I do have a 3 year old with specific Christmas gifts in mind for himself.. i’ve been scanning around at all the circulars just to SEE what there is. See if maybe we can save ourselves a little bit of money on the few things he’s asked for.

Holden can’t ever seem to think of things he wants on his own other than “cars and stuff!” so i’ve planted a few ideas into his head, and perhaps bit off a little more than I could chew on that front. We’ve already bought him an Alphie and a booster pack for it.. he saw some Special Agent Oso toys he has been begging for- but two gifts for Christmas? Just didn’t seem right to me. So I planted the ideas in his head of a playdoh set (since he always seems to get a little jug of playdoh for Halloween and is OBSESSED), and a kid’s camera.

The kid’s camera is a tad pricey, so that was what I was scouting. Biggest black friday deal is $10 off, which when the item is only about $40.00 regularly is nothing to cough at.. but still not enough for me to go racing out to a store when it’s still dark outside to frantically try to get it. Especially when you can shop for black friday gifts online and then hop right back into your bed that hasn’t even gotten cold yet. Or maybe the camera will be something my Dad will want to get for him instead.. and then I won’t have to worry about it at all!

As far as Parker is concerned? Just like his birthday- I am absolutely clueless as to what to get him.. what he wants, or what he doesn’t already have as a hand me down from Holden. It’s tempting to take a friend’s advice and go digging in Holden’s old play bin for gifts for Parker.. but I think i’d feel a little too guilty, so I need to figure SOMETHING out for him.
Ideas from the peanut gallery?

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