Thanksgiving turkey overload

Attending a family holiday get together with two mobile children, one of whom is incredibly clingy and in the severe stages of “stranger danger”, and the other who has far too little fear of ANYTHING and runs in 12 directions at once.. is definitely not an easy task. Not that I had imagined it to be, but I didn’t quite expect it to be as chaotic as it was.

As soon as we got to my Dad’s house, Holden disappeared. Upstairs? Living room? Dining room? I have no idea where he went. I don’t fear anything in my Dad’s house in regards to Holden other than the stairs. He is a bonafide klutz and one never knows what he might trip over, fall down, or smack his head on when you’re not watching him.

Parker on the other hand wanted absolutely nothing to do with anyone other than Daddy. I don’t know what it is about big crowds.. but as soon as he’s surrounded by people, even if he may know them but doesn’t recognize all that well- he wants NO one but Thomas. He won’t even look at ME, let alone anyone else.
And that’s basically how the entire day went. Parker refused to let Thomas put him down, and Holden refused to sit still. Thomas was NOT pleased about being clung onto like a spider monkey, but when I tried to take Parker he screamed like a bat out of hell.

Even during lunch, all Parker kept doing was reaching for Thomas and crying. We didn’t get him to eat very much- Holden on the other hand chowed DOWN. He sat across from my step sister in law(??), and stole her cranberry sauce. While we were eating my brother showed up.. and spoke less than 3 words to me the entire time he was there. Awkward. Stubborn.

The situation turned into melt down city when Parker absolutely categorically REFUSED to take his afternoon nap, which is usually over two hours long. Just wasn’t having it.. so we let him stay away. Some points he was playing, and some he was crying.. but you could tell the kid was totally exhausted. Stubborn (are we noticing a trend??)

My main focus, however, was trying to score a kid’s camera off of Amazon during their “lightning deals.” They never reveal WHAT the damn toy is, just give you a little hint.. so when it said “Smile! Say Cheese!”.. I knew it would be the camera we’d been looking at for him. After not being able to get my Dad’s desktop to connect to ANY kind of internet, my step mother let me use her laptop.. and I sat and watched that countdown, hoping I hadn’t been wasting all of my time for something else to pop up on that screen.

I ended up being right, it was in fact the camera- but in pink. I hesitated.. and it was GONE by the time I clicked the button- which must have been less than 5 seconds. CURSES! Then I saw that there was another toy with the same hint being released in an hour, so we rushed to pack the kids up and went home. Parker, of course, passed out in under 3 minutes.

We got home and I rushed my ass to the computer and once again.. waited. The camera revealed, BLUE! I snatched that sucker up faster than a Dingo will snatch your baby. Along with that, I picked up the Playdoh fun factory set Holden’s been begging for, got free shipping AND used the $11 in gift cards we had in Thomas’ amazon account from surveys. Score!

The rest of the night didn’t go so swimmingly. Parker was a mess. So tired that he fell asleep 3 times and did NOT want to wake up. Did NOT want to eat dinner.. pretty much didn’t want to do anything. I’m glad the kid is in bed for the night. Holden fared well without a nap, even though he told me how tired he was on the way home.
I’m really not sure how next year will go when both kids are actually running around, probably without care.. I’ll probably be passed out by this time next year come to think of it. It SOUNDS exhausting. Let’s just hope the food is as good.. with all of the calories removed. That will make for a perfect Thanksgiving.

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