Super Consignment Fail

A little bit late on the blogging tonight because I was attempting to finish up our Christmas shopping when I realized EVERYTHING I want either doesn’t qualify for free shipping, or is out of stock online.. sigh. I guess we will have to brave the stores tomorrow to ATTEMPT to find these things and avoid shipping costs.. but having to brave ridiculous crowds instead.

Although I am incredibly frustrated right now, the blog must go on.. so here we go.

Before I got so rudely locked out of the house by the hands of Holden, I was out in the bonus room sorting through the HUGE trashbags full of baby clothes.. realizing just how much crap we have to get rid of that’s taking up space and doing no one any good.

For a year or so now i’ve been listing things on Craigslist, at a good price, hoping to sell them to people who want nice clothes but can’t afford store prices and make ourselves some extra cash in the meantime.
Although when Holden grew out of his clothes, we sold all of his stuff almost INSTANTLY- the same does not go for Parker’s clothes. No one is biting. It continues to confuse me.. I know massive amounts of people are popping out kids, where are all the buyers??

It just gets redundant and frustrating to keep listing these lots of clothes over and over again on Craigslist when no one is buying- so today on a whim I decided to take our stuff in to a local consignment shop to see if they would take them off of our hands.

Let me make one thing clear: selling to consignment shops are my LAST choice. They do NOT give you what your clothes are worth. Not even close. They will nickel and dime you to death. If they take 30 articles of clothing, you’ll end up walking out with MAYBE $10, and that’s if you’re lucky.

I talked to one of the employees on the phone and he told me to go ahead and bring in as much as TWO 18 gallon containers of clothing for them to go through. I have far more than that, but 2 18 gallon containers are incredibly heavy and not fun to lug around.

As soon as we walked into the place I was NOT hopeful that we’d be selling much of anything. It was literally busting at the seams with baby clothes and baby gear. I’ve never seen so much in one place. To add insult to injury- the girl at the desk told us they have SO much 0-18 month, that they are “very particular” in what they will take from those clothing sizes. Great. All I brought in was 0-9 month. Even less hopeful. Why didn’t the employee on the phone tell me that so I could save myself the trouble??

We waited around for what felt like forever, seeing our tubs of clothes looking untouched in the corner- until finally a worker asked our name as we were about to leave and come back later to pick up. They HAD in fact gone through our things, and decided to only take 3 pieces.. out of probably over 150 articles of clothing. They took a carseat cover, a pair of jeans, and something else I didn’t even bother to look at because I was so annoyed that we’d waited so long for practically nothing. And by practically nothing, I mean $3.90.

That is why I hate consignment shops. I know how much they’ll sell the stuff for.. and while I understand the mark-up so they can keep themselves in business, it still bothers me that people will actually go THERE to buy stuff, and pay the marked up prices, instead of buying directly from me and getting the clothes for 50% off of that.

Now i’m still stuck with over 4 bins of clothing, and a multitude of baby gear.. that I honestly can’t just give away because of how much was spent and how much we need the money.

It seems like the only option as of now is to have a huge yardsale.. but I may have missed yardsale season with December quickly approaching. Not only that, but the preparation that goes INTO a yardsale, and having weirdos come into your yard and try to haggle you down from a price that is already lower than what you wanted to sell for in the first place? Not my idea of a good time.. but i’ll do what I have to do. I guess if the weather is still relatively warm next weekend as it was this weekend- it might be time to give the yardsale thing a shot. A shot in the dark, but a shot nonetheless.

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  • let me know if you do that, i have some stuff i need to sell too, and we could have a big one, and i could pay you something for using your yard.