Stylish Scrubs

For all my nurse friends!

Are you tired of expensive, uncomfortable, Spongebob spattered scrubs to wear to work? Don’t you wish you could lok GOOD in scrubs that are affordable? I’ve heard so many complaints from working Moms about their work uniforms, where they have to go to buy them, it not coming in their size or being itchy and uncomfortable.

It doesn’t have to be that way y’all. You can get cheap dickies scrubs online that look cute, fit you right, and are comfortable. You can get them in seperates if you are a different size on top than on bottom, or get the, in cheap scrub uniform sets.
There are so many options out there that a lot of my nurse friends don’t know about. Things that aren’t covered in puppy dogs for those who don’t work in kennels, and those that aren’t covered in cartoon characters for those who don’t work with kids. Ones that aren’t one size fits all.

You can feel cute and comfortable while going to do your important job without paying a fortune for it.
Checking out some clearance scrubs and see if there’s anything you like. Save a little money so close to Christmas time, and feel good about yourself in the process. It can be restricting to have to wear a standard uniform, but it doesn’t have to be totally mundane!

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