Shopping for the Holidays!

It’s hard for me to go online every day and not find some kind of super-interesting ad that I just want to click. That’s why this time of year is super dangerous for me, what with all the amazing Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales that will be going on! Last year I came back with such a haul, it was absolutely crazy!

I love the madness, though. I love getting up at 4 a.m., getting some iced coffee from the always-open McDonalds and hitting up the stores I love at 5 am for the best deals. I really do get most of my shopping done for Christmas then! I totally believe it when they say most stores really rely on Black Friday each year. My husband doesn’t know how I do it, but I tell him every year: With the deals I get, it’s totally worth it and every dollar counts! I’m also looking forward to the kids coming over Thursday for our annual Thanksgiving binge. Food, family and good sales? Now that’s truly something to be thankful for!

Posted on November 28, 2010 by Holdin' Holden 0 Comment
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