Santa fear part 2

Since our last go-round with Santa Claus, where Holden acted like he was the spawn of satan and COMPLETELY freaked out when it was time to sit in his lap.. i’ve been talking Santa up like he’s the best thing since sliced bread.

It wasn’t just Santa that was the problem though. It was anything in costume. The Chick-Fila cow, clowns, random characters walking around with big plush heads. Holden was scared of them all.

As time went by, Holden warmed up to all of those things, and actually grew to love them. Every time we go to Chick Fila kids night, he follows that costumed cow around like they are best friends. He hugs, he kisses, he dances, he smiles. Even Chuck E. Cheese, who scares grown adults, Holden had no problems with. He’d never seen Chuck before, and instantly loved him. They were instant best friends.

I had high hopes that when it came time to sit on Santa’s lap again, Holden would have no issue running right up to him, plopping down, and spouting of his list of Christmas wishes. He even talks about it all the time, practices, and seems generally excited about the prospect of once again meeting Santa and not being scared.

Today we made a quick trip to Borders, which is in the mall, to finish up shopping for my newphew for Christmas and to get a birthday gift for a friend’s daughter’s 3rd birthday party next weekend.
Since we had some time to kill, we walked around the mall a little bit- and can you guess who’s ‘workshop’ was right outside of Borders?
Yep. Santa.

I wasn’t going to pay to have him sit on Santa’s lap, but he could walk by and wave hello, just to test the waters. Holden seemed ok at first, but the closer we got, the more clear it became that the Santa fear he experienced in full force last year had not fully left his system. He did NOT want to walk up and say hello to Santa.
He got so scared, in fact, that he grabbed onto my leg and hid behind me in order to avoid Santa’s gaze. That’s something he has literally NEVER done before. Holden is NOT a shy child in the slightest. He has zero fear at all. He loves strangers and will wander off without a second though as to how far away he is from mommy and daddy. Santa is in a category of his own.

Holden told me in no uncertain terms that he did NOT want to wave to Santa. That Santa is NOT his friend (even though I tried to convince him otherwise) and that he did NOT want to sit on his lap and tell him what he wants for Christmas.

I didn’t want to push the subject, so we continued walking- but I kept trying to drive home the fact that if Holden didn’t tell Santa what he wants for Christmas, then he wouldn’t be getting anything because Santa wouldn’t know what to get him.
That seemed to calm him a bit.. I think he understood that Santa = Presents, and therefore, Santa is NOT in fact the devil roaming the earth in a fuzzy red costume.

He was a tiny bit calmer when we walked back by Santa on our way out… but not much. I guess it’s lucky for him that Santa was on a break.

It’s a very good possibility that when the time comes to actually walk UP to Santa and get in his lap.. that Holden is going to totally lose it. And I don’t think Parker will be pleased with the situation either, since he is STILL terrified of the Chick Fila cow, and won’t even let other normal people hold him.
We’re going to end up with one of those Santa pictures you see on websites, where both kids are absolutely losing their shit. Funny to look at, but sad at the same time because Santa is happy and jolly and the source of all the wonder and joy behind Christmas for small children.

When Holden gets older, instead of not being able to sleep because he is SO excited at the prospect of Santa coming down the chimney.. he’s instead going to be shaking under his covers in fear that Santa is going to suck his soul out through his nose and feast on his flesh.

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