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I racked my brain trying to think of something to write the blog about tonight- but couldn’t come up with anything clever or interesting really to focus an entire blog on.

With the weather getting colder, we’ve sort of become homebodies.. not that we weren’t before- but we’d try to get outside for an hour every day, let the boys burn off some energy and get out their evilness before coming back inside so the rest of the night would be relatively calm.
I feel miserable being outside in the cold- plus we’re all a little under the weather so taking them out in nippy weather didn’t seem like a smart idea.

This has been a bad and a good thing. Good only because we haven’t gotten SICKER. We’re all starting to feel a little better as the days go by.. but bad because the kids both have wild hairs up their butts and are being unusually evil. Suppose it doesn’t help that Parker is teething like a mad man, and the teething has caused him to have insane diaper rash once again. It also doesn’t help that for some reason, he’s pooping something like 5 times per day, irritating the rash even more- which makes him even more irritable by association.
His upper teeth are SO swollen it’s painful to even look at. I know they’re coming, I just hope they come through sooner rather than later.

We hadn’t yet heard back from early intervention about in-home therapy for Parker, so we finally had to call them to see what the hell is going on. While I definitely didn’t want to pay the $30 a week to go to CHKD for therapy, it’s clear he still needs to be seeing SOMEONE- so while we’re sitting here waiting for the in-home care appointment, important weeks where he could be receiving help are slipping by.
Their first available appointment isn’t until the 23rd, and it’s not even for therapy- just for the developmental evaluation. So basically, it’s going to be a month, probably even more, before he can even begin in home therapy. I am not pleased. He isn’t getting any better with table food, even with the advice we were given by his previous therapist.. It’s just starting to feel like he’s going to turn 2 years old and still be eating baby food. Frustrating to say the least.

And now my mind is fuzzy because i’m exhausted from dealing with all the whining and food refusal and god awful diaper changes. Totally lost my train of thought.
Bah! the life of a mom!

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