Preggo brain- it never really goes away!

It may sound crazy- but I swear the sheer stupidity you experience as a pregnant woman leaves permanent damage on a woman’s mind. She’s never quite as sharp as she was before popping a little weasel out. Or maybe it’s just me and i’m a moron- but i’m sure I could find more than 5 women who would agree with me on this: Preggo brain sticks.
Maybe not as often, or the blond moments may not be as severe or embarrassing- but every now and then it will pop up at the worst time and leaving you smacking yourself in the forehead later.

Take today for instance. Not a bad day at all! It started out rocky.. being that my books i’d been waiting on baited breath for, for two weeks now still hadn’t arrived and had NO tracking information on them. USPS had no record of them whatsoever. I thought they’d been lost in the mail and I was livid. I decided to wait until the mail came for the day to call and tear a certain book store a new one.. just so that when they DIDN’T come i’d have another day to leverage over them.
Sure enough, the mail came.. and they weren’t there. I’m once again lucky that it was nap time and Parker was asleep on me- once again preventing me from calling because I think about an hour later the books FINALLY showed up. I love the smell of new books and can’t wait to crack into one of them.

After that I was feeling pretty good about the day. Was excited to go to the tattoo studio and get the ball rolling on my back piece. I have new ideas and new insight (more mature insight I guess) to what I want and while it seemed doomed at first when I couldn’t find my original artist, maybe it’s a good thing to get fresh eyes on it after 5 years.

We got going with my brother’s lady friend. Got to the studio and showed the artist my ideas and showed him my back and made my appointment for next Saturday. Easy!

It wasn’t until we were all walking up to the restaurant for dinner that it hit me. Next Saturday is my hair appointment! Crap! The hair appointment is at 11am, and the tattoo appointment is at 1pm. Far away from each other. No way can those two things happen without overlapping. AH! Super post-preggo brain moment slapping me in the face.

Being that I put down a deposit on my tattoo appointment I know i’ll have to attempt to reschedule my hair appointment, but my stylist is always so busy who knows if i’ll be able to get it on the same day or wait for more weeks to get it done.. which sucks because my hair is in desperate need of a dye and a trim.
Wish i’d remembered my hair appointment before making the tattoo appointment- but that’s the way a fried baby brain goes.

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