Post Halloween Sugar Crash

Man- I am getting OLD! I am still so exhausted from Halloween I had a hard time not only dragging myself out of bed this morning, but staying awake (and un-cranky) throughout the day. It probably didn’t help that I tried as hard as I could to stay up until the Ghost Hunters Live event was over (1am). So tired (both Thomas and I) that we ended up ruining a dinner we’ve made at least 2o times successfully.

But enough about that- let’s get to the good stuff. Halloween! Much funner than last year, since Parker is no longer a newborn and loves getting out and seeing people (even if he hates them getting too close), and Holden was so excited for it to finally come this year that he could hardly contain himself.

He picked out his costume over a month ago- after scouring the internet he decided he wanted to be a “Knight of the Dragon”- which is basically a Knight costume with a dragon seal on the front. Fitting, seeing as how he’s so obsessed with “How to train your Dragon.” I bought it in a size up from the size he’s wearing now.. since I was ordering it online and one never knows how things online will fit, and seeing as how the kid is huge and bigger is better than too small.
After that I decided Parker needed to be a dragon.. but unfortunately the search for a good dragon costume was a huge fail. Either it was cute, but didn’t come in his size, or it was far too girly and purple and people would think he was a little girl all night. So Holden and I picked him out a monster costume. It was about as close to a dragon as we could get.

Our tradition for the past few years has been to go to my Dad’s house to trick or treat in his neighborhood. It’s nicer than where we live, and i’m familiar with it and won’t get lost like I would here with the endless back roads we have. It always causes a little bit of an issue with dinner. Never know whether to feed the boys beforehand, which would be VERY early, or feed them after trick or treating, which is pretty late for them.
In the mad dash to get out the door and to my Dad’s on time, we sloppily decided to just give Parker a snack while we were trick or treating and stop somewhere really quick on the way home for dinner.

As we walked out the door, Holden was really feeling the excitement and said what really summed up the whole night “This is intense!”
He was so excited to get there and start his mad dash for candy goodness that he kept yelling at old people to get out of the road.
Once we arrived, we saw everyone already leaving to trick or treat without us, and we were EARLIER than usual. Turns out, trick or treating now starts at 5:30pm instead of 6. Definitely didn’t know that.. wish I had, because then we could have started earlier and stopped earlier.

We rushed to get the boys into costume- Parker was not pleased.. it was a tight fit. Thomas got Holden ready in the bathroom- and when he walked out he just looked awesome. Until I saw the back.. SO tight. It looked like a black bodysuit. Super tight. The top half looked perfect, but the bottom looked nothing like the picture. Black spandex, y’all, so strange.

That aside, they both looked great.

That helmet was so cool, but REFUSED to stay on Holden’s head for more than a few seconds at a time. Thomas and I ended up switching off wearing it.. funny sight to see.

Holden must be an oddball because i’ve heard from other moms with kids his age that they got bored with trick or treating after a handful of houses.. but Holden insisted on pushing on. “What house are we going to next??”
And no matter how much he and I practiced saying Trick or Treat when someone opened the door- he kept saying “Please!”, followed by a “Thank you! Happy Halloween!”- not that anyone minded, they were all very impressed with his manners.
He has this awful tendency to drag his feet when he walks, so more than a few times he fell up peoples steps, fell into their houses, tripped over his own feet- spraying candy all over the place. Parker was ambivalent about the experience until someone gave him a blue glowstick. After that he got pretty excited. Still, whenever anyone noticed he had a bucket to put candy in, they’d just ask me what I wanted. Embarrassing, but I wanted him to have the full Halloween experience.

Holden is not a timid kid, he loves everyone- will talk to ANYONE. But at one point in the night, he saw this guy in costume with a blue weird creepy mask and pretty much freaked out. Wouldn’t go up to the house, just basically froze in place. The only time i’ve seen him that scared before was the “Reddits” situation.

If it hadn’t of been for my very comfortable, never painful flats to suddenly become very uncomfortable and very painful- rubbing a hole in my heel, Holden probably would have insisted we continue on and hit every single house in the neighborhood. Thomas and I just couldn’t handle anymore. By the end, we were carrying both Holden and Parker, since Parker can’t walk, and Holden can’t walk without tripping.
We’d brought a long a bigger bag than the little buckets the boys were carrying around to empty their buckets into when they got full.. and that bag was practically full to the brim. It was time to quit.

We made our way back to my Dad’s, got the boys out of costume and rushed as quickly as we could into the car to go and get them food. We could tell they were both tired and hungry. Holden wanted Wendy’s chicken nuggets, so that’s where we headed. The lobby there is supposed to be open until 10pm.. here it was, not even 8 yet, and LOCKED. We were so pissed. We’d already gotten both kids out of the car, and now we had to get them back in and go somewhere else.. making dinner even later.
The only place left to go on the way home was Dairy Queen, so that’s where we went. Poor Parker was so hungry by that point that he inhaled his dinner a little too quickly and ended up puking some of it back up all over himself.

We didn’t get the boys into bed until after 9:30pm.. and Parker had power napped in the car on the way home so he did NOT want to go to sleep right away. He babbled and made noise in his crib for another half an hour.

All in all i’d have to say it was a good night. Holden had a total blast, the weather wasn’t too cold- and I wasn’t feeling like death ran over twice.
Holden’s already starting to think about what he wants to be NEXT year. No ideas there yet.

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