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It may not seem like it, or you may not believe it now- but I was what a lot of people would consider a “wild child.” Partying, little bit of rebellion and a hell of a lot of body modification.

In total i’ve had 16 different piercings (and don’t let your mind go to a dirty place. None of them i’d consider taboo). 13 of which i’ve kept. Once I got bored, or really ran out of places to pierce I turned to tattoos. I got my first when I was 18, and it’s been a total addiction ever since.

At first I just added on to the original one I got.. unfortunately was very displeased with the experience as a whole and to this day it’s a tattoo that I don’t like showing off and needs to be totally re-done. From there I got a piece on the back of my neck, middle of my upper back, started a HUGE back piece, and got both of my wrists tattooed.
I’ve been tattooed at 5 different shops, one of which was in California. Always jumped around to different artists until I started my very large back piece. Once I found that artist, I stuck with him. I liked his style, and his enthusiasm and his pricing. It all worked for me.

Once I got married and had kids, the opportunity to get tattooed didn’t ever come around. Money, time.. not of it ever lined up. Which sucks because my back piece, which i’m 3 sessions deep in- is NOT finished. Not even close. And it bugs me. I had having a tattoo that’s less than half finished sitting on my back. I guess if you’ve never been tattooed, you might not understand the itch to get more- but it’s there.

With some extra money I have right now from doing some research panels and high paying blogs and surveys- I desperately want to get my back finished once and for all. Especially since I watched a marathon of LA Ink and the tattoo studio I went to for my back was advertising hard core during the commercial breaks.. it was almost like a sign. GET YOUR BACK PIECE FINISHED, WOMAN!

So I went to the studio’s website to get the phone number, only to find that my artist’s name was not listed on the site as an artist anymore. I’ve checked previously, just to keep tabs, since my back hasn’t been worked on since 2004, and he’s always been there. Tattoo artists sometimes bounce around to different shops, so I started searching online for my artist to see if he’d moved. Couldn’t find him ANYWHERE. Absolutely no trace of him. It’s baffling.. and frustrating. Where did he go??

With no leads, I figured that if I want to get this finished before the money disappears into the air like it tends to do- i’m going to have to find a new artist. I don’t really even know where to begin. Everyone has a story about how a shop is terrible, while others love it. Some say a shop is expensive, while others say they got a good deal. It all depends on the artist, how much they want to do your piece, where they work and other factors.
It also could be a problem that I had work started by one artist and i’m asking someone else to finish it. It’s not THEIR piece, their vision, their hard work put in.. who knows if anyone will want to? I’m sure I could find someone to agree, but would they enjoy it and do a good job? While I want the tattoo finished, I certainly don’t want it to look like crap. One crappy tattoo on my back is enough for me!

The funny thing is- during my search I found the artist who did my very first tattoo at the shop that came the most highly recommended (a different shop than he was at when he tattooed me so long ago). Could that be a sign as well?

This is my back after session #3 back in ’04. It hasn’t changed since.. hopefully soon i’ll find the right person and have something to show off.

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