No more messing around!

Parker has been spoiled.
When he got sick, we got into the habit of carrying him around everywhere we went. He stayed in our arms for over 50% of the day.. and he grew to love it so much that no other form of transportation was fitting enough to make him happy.
You set him down and walk away when he still wants to be held? And he screams and follows you and tugs on your leg until you relent and pick him up. He doesn’t let us make dinner- he insists on being involved. You can’t sit on the couch- he wants you on the ground.. even if he doesn’t want to be playing WITH you. Just has to be near you at all times.

I think all the arm-carrying spoiling, while sweet to have a child who loves you so much, has really held him back when it comes to walking. Why learn to walk when Mommy or Daddy will carry you wherever you want to go?
He’ll be 14 months old tomorrow and has still only ever taken two steps on his own. Not that I think 14 months is “slow” as far as walking goes, but I know he can do more. He cruises faster than any child i’ve ever seen.. and between the craziest things. I know if he just put his mind to it, and stopped insisting on being carried- he’d be RUNNING around this house like a madman. Don’t know that i’m making a wise decision by encouraging that- but with how independent he tries to be in everything else, I think it would do him a lot of good.

So now, instead of carrying him to his room when he needs to get his stinky butt wiped down.. I make him walk. I take one of his hands, and let him lead the way. He definitely doesn’t mind, he actually LOVES it. He just grins and giggles and smiles the whole way. He’d walk the length of the house 4 times back and forth if we didn’t have a determined destination.

I’m not sure if he’s sturdy enough to let go and take off on his own just yet. His head is so big when he’s left to his own devices it seems to take his body and throw it totally off balance. Poor baby big head. The more we practice, the better he gets though. He’s so brave in all other aspects, I just wonder how long it will take him to garner up the courage to let go of my hand- he’s pretty attached to it.. but at least it’s just one hand and not his entire body. I’m surprised my right arm isn’t three times the size of my left from lugging him around for SO long.

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