Molars and sore shoulders

This week has felt like the longest week ever! And it wasn’t even a particularly bad one so to speak. AND it’s still technically only Thursday. One more long and painful day left until the weekend.. and it couldn’t come any sooner.

It appears that I was correct about Parker teething.. but my tooth-dar was totally inaccurate about just WHICH teeth were going to make their grand entrance first. He’s been drooling nonstop, had the intense diaper rash that makes him scream when he poops- I knew something was coming but the canines that LOOKED like they were going to pop through just weren’t doing it.
Wasn’t until he was screaming at me during lunch time a few days ago that I saw a white sharp shiny tooth staring me in the face.. in the back of his mouth. A molar?? Really?? Didn’t see that one coming- but was glad to see it nonetheless. Peeking at the other side- that one looks dangerously close to erupting as well.
I’d love to think this means a break from teething- but I just know that those damn canines are next.

And much to Parker’s dismay, I really can’t handle all the whining and poop screaming. It seems as though i’ve neglected my sleeping. I haven’t bought a new pillow since.. I can’t even remember when. The one i’m using is currently so lumpy that for the past few days i’ve been waking up with THE worst crick in my neck. usually it’s gone by the end of the day, but not today. It’s awful. It’s one of those bad sharp neck pains that hurts so much and is so stiff you can’t turn your head to the right. Figures that i’m right handed and hurt the right side of my neck- making it painful to do just about anything, including holding a baby.
My left side isn’t much better. The boob pain has returned with a vengeance. It wasn’t the cortizone after all. Sigh.

The only thing I really have to look forward to is the fact that tomorrow is Friday, which means the weekend is dangerously close. It’s also exciting because Friday is the day I planned to go and consult with the tattoo artist I chose to finally finish my back piece. My brother’s.. non-girlfriend/girlfriend (Yeah that got complicated over night) wants to go with me so she can talk about getting a new tattoo as well, so that should be fun. I also have a scheduled girls night on Saturday- so this weekend is looking like it could be a ‘win’ for once. Then again, with my luck? Who knows what this weekend could turn into.

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