Megatude sees Megamind

Holden’s only ever been to the movie theater once before in his life.. which most people attempted to warn me against. Saying he’d never hold still, we’d have to leave the movie early.. etc etc. He did surprisingly well, especially considering his age. Only fussed once, asked to leave once.. otherwise he really enjoyed the experience.

With that experience in mind, of course I wanted to do it again. It’s always good to have special alone time with Holden since we don’t get it very often at all.

We started seeing the previews for Megamind on TV, and at first he wasn’t too interested.. but the more the commercials saturated the airwaves- the more he started talking about it and wanting to see it. With one of the survey websites I use, the don’t pay you money.. but instead rewards. My goal was to earn up enough to get movie tickets- which I did. It also helped that when we bought “How to train your dragon” it came with a free child’s ticket to Megamind. Seemed like a sign that we had to go and see it.

I’d been talking it up and promising to take him for weeks. He would get excited at the mention and said “I want popcorn at megamind!”.. strange request as we never eat popcorn. I picked what seemed like a good time yesterday and we went. I was hoping he’d forget about the request he’d made for popcorn so we could go to the movies 100% for free.. but he has an uncanny knack for remembering the most random things- so as soon as we got to the theater (and running a little later than i’d wanted, it being a Saturday and the movie still being relatively new) he insisted we buy popcorn.
Just my luck to pick the absolute LONGEST taking line.. even though it had the shortest amount of people. I kept asking Holden “are you SURE you want popcorn?” hoping he’d change his mind so we could go to our seats, but he still persisted.

I was shocked to find out that a small popcorn was $5.75. A small! Popcorn that wasn’t even hot or buttery. What a rip off! Glad we didn’t pay for our tickets.

We rushed to our theater once we finally got the popcorn.. Holden, who refuses to lift his feet when he walks tripped twice. Got in there right before the previews started and the place was packed. We sat toward the back on an isle.
Instantly Holden started digging in to the popcorn. I couldn’t even get myself situated fast enough- he was elbow deep in the bag. Inhaling the crap without taking a break.
At least I knew he wouldn’t have to end up sitting in my lap in this theater since the seats don’t fold up like the last one we went to.

He enjoyed all of the previews, each new one that started he was convinced was the movie(the Yogi bear movie coming out looks awful, by the way).. after that I don’t know that he really enjoyed the experience as much as he did the Dragon movie. He laughed a few times, but not nearly as much as the other kids in the theater. If he wasn’t eating the popcorn, it didn’t seem like he was paying a whole lot of attention at times. And I had to take that popcorn away 3 times to make sure he didn’t finish it before even half of the movie was over. He complained a lot more than when we saw the Dragon movie, had to be told to hold still and pay attention more than a handful of times. Was just being downright turdy at times.
I know he understands humor that isn’t childish, he certainly laughs at things other than farting or falling down.. i’m just not sure he was interested enough in the movie to really listen to the dialogue 100%.

While he watches a little bit of TV, never in hour and a half increments, never without getting up and doing something else or taking breaks. Just not used to having to sit still and watch one thing for long periods of time, no commercials, no breaks. Plus I don’t think he was quite as excited to see Megamind as he was to see the Dragon movie (he would SCREAM when commercials for that movie came on).

He still insists he had a good time, I just wish i’d heard him laughing hysterically along with the other kids in the theater. Personally, I really enjoyed the movie. Very funny!

I’m going to guess that he’s going to see Kung Fu Panda 2 (yes, they’re making a second one. Didn’t everyone hate the first one??) when it comes out in the next few months. Not a movie i’ll be excited to run out and see with the kid, but I can suck it up for him since he sucked it up for Megamind with me.

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