Like a bad sunburn

I’m really not quite sure why I put myself into situations that I know are going to hurt me!
Here I am, sitting on the couch… hunched over with a tender and sore back, not wanting it to touch anything for fear of it STICKING and RIPPING like a scab over a wound.

The tattoo today ALMOST didn’t happen. Not because I gave myself such a nervous gut that I felt like I had to poop all morning nonstop (which didn’t happen, what a tease!), but because when my friend and I got to the studio,the artist swore UP AND DOWN that I was not on the books for today. I think he even started to get angry that someone else didn’t mark me down.. when I know for a fact he is the one who made the appointment and put it on the computer. Problem came when that computer apparently did not update the computer in his tattoo room- he had someone else marked down for my same time.

I don’t back down. No way was I leaving, so I just kept filling out the paperwork and let him deal with his own screw up. Turns out that it was a damn good thing he didn’t screw me over and send me home- because the other guy he had scheduled didn’t even show up.

Just as suspected, I totally psyched myself over basically nothing. We decided to re-do the bottom flower first.. so I wouldn’t have all this new bright colored stuff around an old faded (and as he put) bad coloring. The outline was NOTHING. It hardly hurt at all. I was shocked how little, actually. The artist actually had to tell me to stop talking so damn much because it was messing up his lines- I was just carrying on without a thought in the world.

It wasn’t until hour 4 (not nonstop tattooing by any means, really only hour 2 of tattooing) that I started to feel the hurt. The damn color was worse than anything! Not unbearable, but enough for me to stop having lots of conversation.

Another surprise was how little we actually got done. I suppose I had GROSSLY overestimated how much work can get done in a little bit of time. He finished the bottom flower, outline and color, and did some of the leaves in green and that was all we could do before even he knew I couldn’t do anymore. For time and money constraints.
I was concerned about how much it was going to end up costing considering how much time we’d spent on it.. but he knew we’d spent a lot of time talking, and he had taken a break to eat lunch- so he only charged me for 2 hours.

I can go back in whenever and start the upper flower.. but I think I need to bank a little more cash first. This thing is going to end up costing a LOT of money- which I expected.. sort of. I’d love to just get it all done and over with NOW, but i’m not sure how much money I want to throw at it right before Christmas. My birthday is coming up though- ya hear that Daddy??

Here’s what we got done thus far:

We couldn’t get good lighting, so keep in mind it’s much brighter than it looks. And that’s not even HALF of the full tattoo.

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  • I love what you’ve got so far! I’m a huge fan of ink and I have my entire upper back done, as well as my left rib cage and my son’s footprints on the inside of my right wrist.

    You are right that it does feel like a really bad sunburn! I have about 12 hours worth of ink and I STILL think the healing process hurts worse (and that first shower STINGS!)

    Can’t wait to see you slowly finish it! Gives me someone to live through vicariously until I have my baby and can get more tats! =)

  • healing process is definitely worse. I don’t remember getting my shirt stuck to me SO many times in the past- but that by far is the most miserable thing ever! I keep having to tear it off of me like a bandaid. incredibly painful.
    No idea how many hours of tattooing I have logged.. i’m gonna guess somewhere in the upper 20s

  • Well your work is awesome! Looking forward to the summer time (my baby is due in June) because I have about 4 more pieces in mind!

    By the way, I love your blog!

    I joined JM YEARS AGO and you were one of the first people I remember from TTC #1…you got pregnant with Holden my first month on the boards….I think you’re hilariously sarcastic! I always get a good laugh from your posts!

  • think of it this way- you have time to save up 😉

    and thanks! always nice to hear someone has stuck around for so long. especially after all the ridiculous crap that’s gone on! lol