Karate CHOP!!!

Weird things are always happening in this house. We never, EVER, have a dull day. But never did I imagine in my wildest dreams i’d be acting out something only stunt people should attempt to do.

Before I tell you what that stunt was- i’ll tell you the story.. because if I just come right out with it you might think i’m a total crazy person. In this case, I was only doing what I had to do!

I’d offered up some baby clothes to a girl in need of them, ones I couldn’t re-sell because of how old or out of fashion they are (which she knew and wanted them anyways).. so in order to get them all together I had to go out to the bonus room where they’re all stored.
To get to the bonus room, you have to go through a deadbolted door in the kitchen, walk down 2 steps, and go through another door into the room.

Since Parker loves to crawl down stairs at any chance he has, the only way to KEEP him from doing so when I go out to the laundry room or bonus room is to close the door in the kitchen behind me. I always worry about Holden locking the door behind me- so I told him very sternly NOT to do so.

I spent a few minutes sorting through bags and pulling clothes out, and then pulled them all up to the door in the kitchen.. turned the knob- and found that the door wouldn’t open. Sure enough, Holden had deadbolted the door.

Starting to panic, I called to him through the door and asked him to unlock it and let me in. He couldn’t. I tried instructing him how to do it, it didn’t work. He started to scream and cry.. and my state of panic got even worse.
Thinking about how I couldn’t get in any other way, and there were two kids in the house.. I didn’t know what to do. I kept telling him to just TRY to unlock the door. He’s done it many times before, there should have been no reason why he shouldn’t have been able to- but he just kept screaming and crying about how he couldn’t, didn’t know how.. and it turned into a complete melt down of a situation.
Parker started screaming, I started yelling, Holden was basically hyperventilating.

I had to get into the house. I couldn’t leave the boys in there by themselves. Twenty minutes had already passed, and that door wasn’t opening by the hands of Holden.. so I did the only thing I could think to do.
I told Holden to back away from the door… and I started kicking.
That’s right, I kicked in the door to get to my kids.

Unfortunately it didn’t go QUITE as smoothly as i’d planned. The door cracked in half, but I still couldn’t seem to push it in far enough to reach my hand up and unlock that damn bolt. I had to use the full force of my body and shove my hand through splintered wood in order to do it, cutting it up in the process- but I finally got the door unlocked and shoved my way through.

Holden was sitting in the corner quietly, and Parker was in hysterics in the middle of the kitchen floor, covered in boogers. The kitchen was spattered with splintered wood and dust.. and it wreaked. That old wood stunk.

I called Thomas in total hysterics begging him to come home- as now there was a shattered wood door in the kitchen that opened to a room with no heating and no insulation- meaning our heat was going to bleed out. He wasn’t pleased. I didn’t think he was going to come home- but he did.. and of course started criticizing my actions.

Thinking back on it now, I regret kicking the stupid door in.. but in a state of panic, with my two little kids locked inside- it seemed like it was the only option to get to them. Now I realize, that had I kept a level head and took a step back and thought about it more first- I would have seen that I could have walked outside, gone to the front door, and told Holden to open that one. There’s no guarantee he’d have done it, but it IS something he does all the time and it would have saved us a hell of a lot of hassle and having to put up a spare door that doesn’t latch or lock.

Holden got a very VERY long time out, and I don’t think i’ll be letting him close ANY door or lock anything for a long time. I’m still pretty pissed off about it.. but I know I did what I had to for my kids. I just hope I never have to karate kick a door down EVER again.

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