Jumping back in the Craigslist pool

Christmas season is somewhat of a fun time, even though I don’t like the holidays, I love how excited Holden gets about it.. but it is an EXPENSIVE time of the year. Not only for Christmas presents, but for the insane onslaught of birthdays in the coming months as well. So many people pop kids out around the holidays it’s hard to keep up. We just got past OUR boys birthdays.. and now comes Christmas presents and buying presents not only for that but for everyone else as well.

We’re always strapped on cash, there’s nothing new about that.. but ever since our house got taken by the bank and we had to pay EXTRA money once we signed the year long lease that was totally unexpected.. we’ve been even farther behind and more strapped than usual. Surveys are nice pocket change, but they’re definitely not enough to cover Christmas gifts AND birthday presents combined.. so i’ve been racking my brain trying to think of other ways to make a little extra money to cover all the new expenses coming up.

Other than illegal means which I will not stoop to.. I couldn’t think of anything else I could do- and then it hit me. Months ago i’d listed a BUNCH of baby stuff on Craigslist- none of which had sold. Baffling. I consider myself to have good taste in baby clothes, and comparing my prices for lots of clothing to other lots of clothing- my prices were incredibly low. I KNOW people didn’t just stop having babies.. I see preggos everywhere I go. Never understood why no one was buying anything. After a couple of times of listing the BINS full of clothes and gear we have sitting around.. I gave up for a while. Just had no time or energy to list them again only to have nothing come of it.
Once I remembered I still had all that crap lying around doing nothing but collecting dust and taking up room- I decided to just give it a shot and re-list everything i’d previously listed just to see what happened (and that doesn’t even include all the NEW stuff Parker has grown out of that i’ve yet to get around to sorting through and listing).

Much to my surprise, this time I actually got a few responses. Of course not as many as I always hope for.. but enough to make me hopeful that i’d actually sell something this time around. ANY money is better than no money. One response, I don’t think will pan out, only because I don’t have exactly what she needs- but hearing how strapped she is for cash as well I referred her to freecycle. Hopefully she’ll be able to get some things she needs there, for free. As much trouble as i’ve had with freecycle- it really is helpful and has been very beneficial to us- I hope it will do the same for her.
The other response actually DID pan out- and the girl came to pick up the clothes very promptly. Holden tried to start a full conversation with her, as he does with everyone.. and she, just like everyone else, was very confused. The kid is incredibly outgoing.

That pick up gave me hope that maybe i’ll sell some other things just as quickly. We could definitely use the extra cash. We don’t have a LOT of high hopes for a huge Christmas- but there are a few specific things Holden really wants that i’d like to get for him.. and yet again, we are clueless about Parker, but obviously we’d like to get him a few things as well. Selling all this crap we aren’t using anymore would be incredibly helpful in order to do that. And really, helpful to others too because their little baby boys will be seriously in style!

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